Socktober Fest and Boston Knit Out


Knitting in and of itself can be very therapeutic.  I can also be the final straw that causes you to go stark raving mad.

We all have that one project that is either still living somewhere in the depths of our stash, or worse, you buried it under the used coffee grinds and sent off to the local landfill with no regrets.

Yesterday, I was working from home and decided that I would pull the couch out and clean all the crap that my DD tends to hide back there – especially my teaspoons and I was running low on teaspoons.

This led from one thing to another and it just so happens my yarn stash is next to the couch so I decided to shift some of it around.  It makes me feel like I’m on top of what I have if I rotate the stash occasionally.  Imagine my surprise to find all this sock yarn that magically appeared from the depths of the stash. 

Now I have successfully knit lace shawls, much to my own amazement.  But sometimes you just need to knit something that is not a constant challenge, you know, brainless knitting.  But not so brainless as knitting yards of garter or stockinette, after all a girl needs some small bit of a challenge to keep it interesting, right? 

 I believe this makes socks the perfect project for any time you need some semi-brainless, yet semi-challenging knitting, quick to knit up so you have tangible proof that you are being a productive knitter too.  Socks, the perfect knit.  You can make them as simple or as complicated as you want to, they knit up quickly, they are very portable, and apparently I have been doing a lot of not buying yarn, specifically, sock yarn, since someone once said that buying sock yarn isn’t really buying yarn. Sure, and that candybar you ate in the dark has no calories.

So it only seems right that I join Lolly’s Socktober Fest… minimal rules and it fits right in with my frame of mind right now and it might be a good idea to actually knit socks from all the sock yarn that I apparently have acquired while not buying yarn.

Cousin Jenn is just going to have to wait for me to get back into lace knittng mode, may around Thanksgiving?  Maybe she’ll get socks instead.

Oh, and Boston Knit-Out is happening on Sunday and depending on the weather and anything else that might pop-in, and bring my socks.  Anybody else from the area going?



3 responses to “Socktober Fest and Boston Knit Out

  1. Hi Lynne,

    I’m planning to go to Boston also, and hoping to finish dh’s neverending socks while I’m there. Hopefully it won’t rain.

    Good luck with Socktoberfest, but you won’t need it, you crank those babies out like nobody’s business!

    BTW, the grossest thing I’ve found behind the couch was about 3 yrs ago, a bunch of sticky children’s chewable Tylenol that ds must have spat out when I wasn’t looking. Hmm, no wonder that fever wouldn’t break…

    See ya

  2. I also seem to have acquired a lot of sock yarn – how does it just happen that one day we are saying we have hardly any sock yarn and next thing you know, sock yarn up the ying yang! I’m doing Soctoberfest too.

    Wish I were going to Boston, but unfortunately I can’t make it this year. Better planning next year!

  3. “We all have that one project that is either still living somewhere in the depths of our stash…”

    BWAAhahaha! One project? I have at least five that I’ll admit to, and they make me wince at the memory. For starters, two cardigans – both of which need the button band removed before the real work begins of editing out the stupid. At least two pair of socks (one for hubby, who has shaplier calves than the socks do), and a set of hunters’ mitts which were due last winter.

    Whoops, I should introduce myself: I’m Yesrie (Leslie), and I know Nancy from the cats forum 🙂 You are so blogrolled!

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