Must resist….

Ok, I joined Socktober Fest to try and put a dent into my sock yarn stash. Whoever said buying sock yarn, isn’t really buying yarn, lied. LOL! But really have you seen Lisa Souza’s hand dyed yarns??? I must resist… but it’s sooooo beautiful and something might happen like the end of the world or something… right?

It just seems like there is a link on every blog, or knitting friends showing up with it on SnB nights, the temptations are just, well, too tempting.

Ok, I’ll make a deal… finish one more pair of socks and I can buy some, and I’m half way there.

So far I have finished, the Rapid River socks, I used the gorgeous hand-painted yarn that I received from Eliza, my Dye-O-Rama buddy (see previous post with picture). I also finished a pair of lace socks from Wildfoote, and I’m half way done with a third pair, a simple garter stitch rib, from Knitpicks Memories Merino. I had planned to take photos to post, but it rained all day yesterday. Soon I promise.

This past weekend was homecoming weekend for DD. Friday there was a tailgate party/competition. Apparently the school clubs and guilds compete for the best tailgate presentation. DD is with the Drama Guild and they built a stage on the back of a small trailer and they put on skits, and songs and dances. They won the most creative trophy!

Saturday was a perfectly beautiful sunny autumn day. The leaves are really starting to turn, and it looks like it’s going to be a spectacular year for color. I spent most of the day running errands for DD’s preparations for the homecoming dance that night. While she was getting ready, I spent my time making a huge pot of Minestrone soup. YUMMY.

Speaking of DD… remember that new laptop I purchased at the end of August, and have probably used about 15 minutes since then… it’s dead, it won’t turn on and the screen is blank. I am not happy… but thankfully I got the full blown extended warrenty. I’m just taking my sweet ass time taking it in to be looked at. No internet access for DD, for a very long time.
Sunday I woke up to dreary grey rain. I would have been quite happy to have spent the day in bed knitting and watching movies, but I was too mad at DD and really needed to get out of the house so, I made myself get up and dressed and eventually headed out to the SnB at Border’s in Nashua. Hi to the new knitters! Katie, and Lora – Katie is a speed knitter and Lora is doing 2 socks on one big circular… I need to learn how to do this, although recently I’ve gone back to doing one sock at a time on dpns. My tension if finally better and I can actually knit to socks seperately and have them actually look like a pair, and for some reason, they seem to go much faster. This may be a complete illusion, but for now it’s working for me.


One response to “Must resist….

  1. I am on my fourth pair of socks and doing two at a time toe up on two circs. I will go back to one at a time as soon as these are finished. I find two at a time cumbersome and not particularly portable and, like you, I think it is actually taking longer to do it that way. The only reason I even tried it is that I have only a small amt of the yarn I am using for the toes and heels and stripes on the cuff, doing two at a time makes sure I come out even.

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