In search of…

Cylindrical Metal Stitch Keepers.  I first saw these really cool stitch keepers I think at SPA last year, and they I saw them again recently either on someone’s blog or on one of the many on-line knitter mags.  They are a metal cylinder that holds dpns so that you don’t drop any stitches.

And of course now that I’ve decided I must have them, I cannot find them 😦  So if anyone knows what the heck I am talking about – please email me.  THANK YOU!


2 responses to “In search of…

  1. Woolworks Ltd. at Jeremiah’s Antiques
    26 Front St.
    Putnam, Ct 06260
    Email :
    I will mail special requests if I can help. Hours are Wed-Sun 10-5pm.

    If you end up calling and ordering one, let me know… I might get one (or maybe a couple – that would be a good SP gift).

  2. Alternatively- you can achieve the same effect with some tubing with a vertical cut down the length of it. Janet at the Woolpack also has some endcaps connected by a stretchy band that works just as well in several sizes.

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