Home Depot Hell

Yes, I am in Home Depot Hell. I should have known when I first went up to pick out tiles for the bathroom floor and the ones I picked weren’t in stock, so they said they would order them and once they were in they would have the installers contact me, and they would pick up the tiles.

So after waiting two weeks I finally heard from the installers, and we settled on the date and time they would come. They would call the day before to confirm. So, I got a call on Sunday, that the tilers would arrive sometime between 9AM and 1PM. At 11:30AM I get a call asking if the tile installers are there, no… Fifteen minutes later she calls back and explains that they tile wasn’t in the original store that I had purchased them from so they had to go to another one to pick up the tiles and they would be 45 minutes late. Finally at 2PM they arrive and start taking out the toilet, and putting down the cement floor board, etc.

I was busy working from home with a client, so at some point I asked my daughter to go up and check to see how the tiling was going. She comes down and states, that she doesn’t like the tiles, they are too big and make the bathroom look small. WHAT???!!!! TOO BIG!!??? I ordered 2″ X 2″ octagonal white tiles, so I flew up the stairs to see 1/3 of the floor is now tiled with 16″ X 16″ Ivory tiles! WTF!!! Stop the presses, THAT’S NOT WHAT I ORDERED!!!

The workmen, stop and go out to their truck to call their boss, I’m on the phone with Home Depot. It’s now 4:05PM and of course the person I need to speak to has already left for the day! Eventually I get everyone, HD, and the Installers boss on a conference call. Somebody screwed up and nobody is fessing up. At one point the Installer Boss Lady suggested I go out to find the tile at another store or pick something else out and bring it back. I suggest she start shitting white 2 x 2 octagonals out. So I ask that the installers, remove the wrong tiles and put the toilet back. HD promises to have the person who comes in at 7AM call me first thing in the morning. By the time I get off the phone, the installers have removed the wrong tiles and are pulling out of the driveway. But they failed to put the toilet back… great, just great.

7:30AM I’m calling Home Depot again to speak to the expediter, Leslie. She is very nice and very apologetic and admits that Home Depot screwed up and pulled the wrong tile for the installers. Yes, the can get the tile from another store, yes, they are sure it’s the correct tile. BUT WAIT! the installers can’t come back until WHEN!!!??? Next Tuesday! But wait, they were already scheduled to come today to grout, why can’t they come to tile instead? No good answer and more bitchin on my part, gets her to promise they will be at my house on Thursday to tile and Friday to grout. And yes, the HD I am working at will go and fetch the correct tile and have it at the store for the installers to pick up.

Now, there is one more thing… the installers? Upon close inspection I want to know, why they didn’t remove the wood trim before putting down the cement floor board? If this isn’t done correctly, and promptly I’m going to have them pull it all out, get my money back and go to Lowe’s. Are you listening Home Depot???

More to come I am sure.

On the knitting front. Another pair of Socktober Fest socks in Sockotta are completed, and I’ve cast on another pair in Lisa’s Souza’s gorgeous sock yarn.


5 responses to “Home Depot Hell

  1. “I suggest she start shitting white 2 x 2 octagonals out”

    Funniest thing I’ve seen all day. Give ’em hell!

  2. “…and in the continuing saga of Witchypoo Has No Toilet, we find our heroine, WP, slowly burning the effigy of a Home Depot tile installer over the now-dried camode that has been sitting in the back yard for several weeks…”

  3. Jeez Louise, having Home Depot do an installation sure sounds like more trouble than it’s worth!

  4. I’m not trying to say your gripe with home depot has no merit. I just don’t understand how something as simple as that could be so bad as to spend so much time thinking and writing about ,when if you could just try and understand that nobody except you cares. Just so you know, I do remodling for a living, and buy all of my materials from lowes.

  5. Chris,
    I’m not sure what you are trying to say. If you paid good money, to have a job done by professionals, and they a) starting putting down the wrong tiles, the b) came back to supposedly do the job right and instead rushed the job with shoddy workmanship, I think you might be a bit pissed off too. Especially since this is not only costing me money, but it’s costing me something even more valuable, MY TIME! As far as writing about it in my journal, what I choose to write about in MY blog is my business and my choice, and if you don’t like it please move on and read somebody elses blog.
    If you are just a troll looking for business, again move on. I’m not interested.

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