No Rhinebeck for me :(

Although I’ve now planned to go the past two years, again something always seems to come up this time of year that thwarts my pilgrimage to the mecca of fiber.

This year it’s the bathroom… yes the tile installers came with the right tiles late Thursday afternoon, but instead of laying the tiles and coming back the next day to grout, they worked straight through saying they were using a special mastic cement to set the tiles faster…. OK what do I know about laying tile? Besides, isn’t this why I pay for your expertise? Well, now I know a lot more about tiles and grout than I really wanted to.

After they left late Thursday night I was told that we couldn’t walk on it until noon on Friday. No problem, I closed the bathroom door and it stayed closed until we got home sometime after 6pm on Friday night. Not even the cats had entered. So you can only imagine my dismay when I opened the door to check it out, only to find huge blemishes, cracks and air holes in the grout. I wanted to sit there and cry. In retrospect it was probably a good thing I had the weekend to cool off before calling HD and the American Tile Installing Company (who btw I refuse to deal with now). At least HD is trying to accommodate me and do the right thing. The American Tile Installation is, well, let me just say I’m going to be writing a lot of nasty letters once this whole thing is done.

I finally get someone to come out on Tuesday (yesterday) to come to look at it and give me an idea of what they need to do to make it right.

These are little 2″ x 2″ tiles and to me it looks like it would be easier to rip out the floor than it’s going to be to scrape out all the grout between the tiles and re-grout. But apparently that is what they are proposing. They will get back to me… any guesses as to how long this is going to take?

There is however, a bit of good news to come out of this. When I picked out the tiles, I picked white tiles. I also picked white grout. After seeing it down, I wished I had gone with a dove grey or darker colored grout to show off the tiles more. Well as luck would have it, I get to change the grout color when they re-grout the floor. I’m also asking for an extended warranty on the floor from HD.

On the knitting front…

I think my stress is showing in my knitting – I almost finished the socks I’m knitting with Lisa Souza’s Merino in Shade Garden, but I keep having to rip them out, and since I don’t want to totally ruin this beautiful yarn, I put them down for now, and knit up some baby socks for Eleanor out of the left over from my dye-o-rama pal’s beautiful yarn. I hope they fit, if not, I’ll put a hook on them and hang them on the Yule tree this year. Hmmm, I may make little socks out of all my left over bits, and hang them all from the yule tree. So, not being one to not have socks to knit I started the ‘fly-fishing’ ones  for my Brother-in-law.

Oh and if you are so inclined to dress up for Halloween or Samhain, as I refer to it, I might suggest that you get your costume on and go up to Ewe’ll Love It in Nashua… they will give you 31% off on yarn this weekend!  If you do go up, look for the Gypsy on Sunday, that will be me.

I unfortunately will not be making the costume party on Saturday this year either, as I have to drive down to upstate NY and back for my Uncle Frank’s memorial service.  He was a couple weeks shy of 90, but had deteriorated with dementia over the past few years.  He lived a long life, filled with love and lots of laughter.  His beloved Gladys (my Aunt Glady) had pre-deseased him by about 10 years.  So they will finally be together again, and this is a good thing.

But I will be at the SnB meetup tonight at the Java Room, I’ll be running a little late, as I have to pick up DD from practice and then drop her off.  Practice for what? you might ask.  There is a talent show at school Friday night and the drama guild is doing the Tango to Roxanne from Moulan Rouge.  I cannot wait to see this!

On the Spinning front…

Thursday evening (7:00pm) there is a gathering of spinners in Westford at the Westford Museum and as an added bonus, we are having a speaker tonight.

Scott Nutting who, owns Wesleydale sheep. This is his first year of shearing.  He would like to come to the meeting to talk to the spinners about Wesleydale sheep and their fiber.  He is also looking for some comments from spinners regarding
their thoughts of his fleece.

I hope he brings samples.


3 responses to “No Rhinebeck for me :(

  1. I’m sorry to hear about your loss. At least, as you said, he is with his dear wife again.

    I’ll see you tonight, for sure.

  2. Again, I’m sorry about your Uncle Frank.

    Let me know if you need any help with the nastygrams.

  3. urgh!! Hope everything gets worked out, if not try talking while holding your knitting needles. Flinging them around while your talking. (they might make you look more dangious! hehe)
    I’m sorry to hear about your loss as well, he is what you said, with his wife again.
    Soo.. did the fleece guy bring samples? ; )

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