One Vote

I ‘ve been wearing my “one” bracelet for about a year or more now, and every so often I check their site for any updates on the movement.

For those of you who don’t know One, is Bono’s organization that is working to globally eliminate AIDS and poverty.  Lofty goals, but it can be done, one person, one dollar at a time, thus the name “One”.  It’s apolitical so even if you don’t agree with my radical anarchist leaning politics, you might consider that getting rid of AIDS and poverty is a good thing.

So anyway  has launched a new commercial, that says it all.  “One Vote“- check it out.  There are no excuses accepted, no BS will get you off.  If you aren’t registered by now, SHAME ON YOU!  If you are registered, then take the time to exercise one of your remaining rights and VOTE!   It’s not only your right, it’s your civic duty to participate in the democracy.  Remember the preamble.  “for the people, by the people…”  that means YOU!  Otherwise we keep getting the bottom of the  group of the ‘no kid left behind’ that this country has to offer, and we will continue to lose chunks of our constitution… like Habeas Corpus.  What the hell? You weren’t using that right were you?

Anyway, it’s important that you make the time to know the candidates, know the questions, know what’s going on in your little piece of the world.  Because what you do or don’t do, does affect us all.


3 responses to “One Vote

  1. I was glad to see that last paragraph becauses the one thing that pisses me off more than someone not exercising their right to vote is someone who votes just because it’s their right even though they don’t know what they are voting for! Everyone must take the time to understand the issues and the candidates and then VOTE!

  2. drives me nuts that my hubby (who is a retired marine) refuses to vote. I don’t get how he served for his country, but doesn’t want to exercise his voice. He just says kill them all (politicians) and start over. uuurrrgghhh!!!
    Your last paragraph is so important, know who you are voting for! It’s your voice, make sure your really saying what you want too.

  3. Amanda, I know exactly how you feel. I just don’t understand why intelligent people don’t vote. If you don’t vote then you get the government you deserve. As is evident in the current administration. I also tend to agree with your hubby… I think we should just nuke Washington and start all over again or as Jefferson wrote in our constitution that it’s our responsibility to usurp and overthrow unjust governments. See, I really am an anarchrist at heart 😉

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