First off, my Dad is not doing well. He turned 80 in August and has been slowing down a bit, but about 3 weeks ago he came down with a horrible and very painful case of shingles on his head and neck. The doctors gave him some kind of pain killer, I still don’t know what kind, but he’s basically slept through the last 3 weeks, barely eating (and he’s diabetic to boot!). He’s lost 36 lbs. and now my Mom reports he’s getting delusional. I’m sure it’s his blood sugar and probably dehydration. So, we’ve checked him into the hospital for some tests. If they will at least keep him for the weekend, that will give Mom a break from being housebound.

So send a little healing energy his way if you think about it.

I know Dad is getting up there, and having just buried my Uncle Frank (my Dad’s Brother-in-Law) last weekend, I realize that our time with Dad is getting shorter and shorter. So we need to focus on getting him stabilized and then getting him better.


Oh the bathroom front: I put the second coat of stain on the trim, primed and put the first coat of paint (Ocean Air from Benji Moore). I also picked up one of those cool curved shower rods and a new shower curtain that should match or at least compliment the paint color I’m using. I also picked up some new bathroom linens, towels, curtains, rugs, etc. If I can get the second coat of paint on sometime within the next few days, then I’ll call the plumber. He said that he would only need a day (if that) to get the new pedestal sink and toilet installed. Then the only fight left will be with the tilers, who I still have not heard from.


On the darling daughter front… once again I let her scam me. She needed $20 and the only chore I had on my list for her to earn it for the concert tonight was a sink full of dirty dishes to wash (by hand since the dishwasher is broken) – She hadn’t started them by the time I went to bed and when she came up, she said she had done the dishes, so I gave her the money, only to come down this morning for my coffee after she had caught the bus for school, and I find (can you guess) yup… half a sink of dirty dishes. gr-r-r-r-r-r-r! Teenage girls are lying sacks of you-know-what and can’t be trusted to do anything. I keep reminding myself of my friend Cathy’s warning years ago when her daughter was 14 or 15. Apparently Cathy had given her daughter $200 cash for her birthday specifically to buy new clothes, instead her daughter ran away for a week. Cathy was hysterical and warned me then , to never give a teenaged girl cash. She was right.

I left the dishes for her and when she gets back tonight from seeing Death Cab for Cuties, she can finish doing the dishes. I’m tempted to just put some clean ones in the sink, just to make more dishes for her to wash.


And finally knitting news…

The cute little teeny pair of socks I knit for Eleanor, sadly were too teeny, so I’ll just hang them on the Yule Tree this year. I have plenty of left over bits to knit Miss E a bigger pair. I started the second sock of the pair for my Brother-In-Law size 10 1/2 shoes. The socks are plain stockinette so they are tres boring, but knitting up fast.

I ordered more sock yarn (yes I know that sock yarn diet lasted about 2 days) – but I suddenly became inspired to knit a certain color of sock for a certain friend for a holiday present. I won’t say anymore.

Also this past weekend as I begin my preparations for the upcoming winter by stocking up on more yarn. I got some Bollicine Dolly 100% superfine Merino in a lovely grey. Hopefully it’s enough for a nice sweater for moi. I also could not resist the pull of some yummy hand-painted yarn in browns, and yellows, blues and purples. It just begged to be knit into a shawl for cousin Jen. So, somehow I need to grow another pair of hands, or learn to knit with my toes, because it’s only the first week in November and already I am feeling the holiday crunch.


6 responses to “Healing

  1. Well, the knitting part sounds good, anyway! Your advice re teenagers is noted. And, having done all the leaf-raking I can stand for one day, maybe I’ll slip down to my Thoughtful Spot before I have to pick up she-who-is-not-a-teenager-yet from ballet and think a few healing thoughts.

  2. I hate to laugh, Lynne, but the “never give girls cash” advice is priceless. At 4-years, my dd is a bit of a scammer. I didn’t think I was, but I guess all young girls are. Thanks for the warning.

    I hope your Dad starts recovering. And glad to hear the bathroom is almost done.

  3. I hope your dad begins to feel better. Shingles is extremely painful. Healing prayers to your father and your family. I hope your mom gets a little breathing time.

  4. Hope your Dad is feeling better! We’ll be sending healing thoughts to you and your family!

  5. I would dirty at least 10 more dishes as punishment. πŸ™‚ At least. πŸ™‚

  6. I’m with Jena!! You should have nuked spaghetti sauce onto some plates and left them for her. That young lady sure does have some big ones!!

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