All done but the counting…

I have to say I’m so happy to see this morning that for the most part and across the board and country, voter turnout was high, high enough to break records locally and nationally. I was happy to see a huge number of young voters turn out too. Perhaps there is hope for our republic.

This is the quote from my Wild Words from Wild Women:

“I’m so sick of hearing about family values. Most of us are in therapy because of our families. I’m surprised you don’t hear about more calls to 911: ‘Help me, I’m in a family. Get me out of here!'” ~ Judy Carter, mentor to many an aspiring comic

I’m happy to see Arizona said NO to a ban on gay marriage, South Dakota said NO to a ban on all abortions regardless of circumstances, Missouri said YES to expanding stem cell research and I’m happy to see that with the democrats taking over the congress so that hopefully now the Congress will start doing the job it’s supposed to do enforcing accountability for policies that are going so horribly wrong.

I am also proud to be from Massachusetts where we just elected our first Democrat to the Governor’s office in 20 years. He is also the first black to be elected governor AND only the second ever to be elected governor in the entire US. He ran a clean, non-negative campaign. Although I don’t agree with everything he says, I must say this man appears to be a man of integrity and he has class, and he’s not a puppet to the Democratic party either. I hope for good things to come from him.

On the knitting front. I finished off Brother-in-law’s Fly Fishing socks. The colors pooled nicely. I’ve already cast on my “secret special” socks for my “secret special” friend. I should be at the Java Room Metrowest North Knitting Group. I’m not sure what time yet as DD is still home sick with a temp, and hacking cough.

I also have to get started on my cousin’s shawl. So much knitting so little time. The holiday pressure is already on.

Dad is still doing well and hoping to go on that cruise with Mom in December. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that he keeps improving so he can do just that. Otherwise they’ve threatened offered to send my sister and I on the cruise in their place. Ya just what we want to do – go on a cruise with a bunch of really old people. On the other hand maybe I can find a cute sugar daddy! Robert Redford looks great for being almost 70.

Then there is the bathroom saga… the plumbers should be coming sometime this week, they may even show up today 🙂 I’m still waiting to hear from the tilers, in-spite of calls to Home Depot. This time the invoice was somehow stuck somewhere in the system, but that now seems to have cleared.  I’m still waiting for a call.


2 responses to “All done but the counting…

  1. Amen to all of that, Lynne! Well, except the tiling holdup — here’s hoping HD gets their retrograde butt in gear already. It was great to see you last night.

  2. I hear you about the hibernation – I am also well-stocked with projects (and wine – there was this sale…) so, let it snow!

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