HP Bad, Circuit City Good

To whom it may concern at Hewlett-Packard,

I recently purchased one of your laptops through Circuit City in August of this year.  I also purchased the extended warranty provided by Circuit City at the same time.

When the laptop broke after 4-5 weeks of casual use, I was sure that I had not only HP but Circuit City behind me to get me back up and running in short order.

Unfortunately it appears that HP was the one to let me down.  After having my PC for over a month with no communication back from HP.    Circuit City went to bat for me, but unfortunately they were not able to get my laptop fixed, nor were they able to convince HP to give me a new laptop without a two to three month wait for either option.  This means that I was not only out $1000 but I also was out a laptop for over 4 months.

I work in customer service and if one of my company’s products was not working for one of my customers and couldn’t be fixed in a reasonable period of time I would not only get them brand new equipment, I would upgrade it for them if only to keep them as a loyal customer.  Apparently you don’t care about loyalty or customers.

I really thought that when I was buying HP, I was buying the best, not only the equipment, but the reputation of your company.  Apparently I was wrong on both parts.

So, now I am waiting for HP to send me a refund check, since that appears to be the “best they can do for me” and when that check comes, I do plan to buy a new laptop at Circuit City, but I doubt it will be an HP.

Sincerely yours…


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