It’s a hard rain gonna fall…

Why does everything need to be so complicated?

Or as the sagas continue….


First Saga – the bathroom:


I now have a beautiful new pedestal sink installed. I’m not sure why they didn’t install the toilet, but I have high hopes that when I get home tonight I will also have a new toilet installed. This just leaves the re-grouting which is currently scheduled to occur on Nov. 28th. I still need to pick up the grout from Home Depot on Friday.



Second Saga – the HP Laptop:


This morning the sales person from HP called to verify my home address to send me the “Buy Back” check. I couldn’t resist so I had to tell him that I have been in Customer Support for decades and I just did not understand why they weren’t replacing/upgrading me to a new and usable computer? I did appreciate that they were doing a buy back, but I wanted him to be fully aware that I would indeed be buying a new laptop, but that is sure wouldn’t be any HP, and that I was surprised they couldn’t accommodate me with a new replacement. He explained that they were “out of stock” on that model. Ok… So I asked about an upgrade. Wouldn’t it be worth a few bucks for them to eat in order to keep me as a loyal customer? He said he’d call back with the hour. Now, I cannot believe they didn’t think of making this offer before, and I know Circuit City asked.


Fifteen minutes later he calls back – he found a PC that has a larger 17” screen, it also has a 240 Gig hard drive (4 times the size of the original PC), it has all the features of the old one, but the processing speed is slower. Only 1.66 Ghz vs. 1.8 Ghz. I’ll take it!


Deal done, he’s contacting Circuit City with the details. I’m not sure when we will be getting it, and DD is a bit disappointed that we aren’t opting for the check, buying a cheaper laptop and Two iPods with the left over dollars. Oh well, I like the bigger better laptop myself. I think she will too in the long run.





Last night the Java Room knitting crew was lean and mean: Crazed Weasel Liz and Computer-less Joanne and Rhymes with Fuchsia were there when we arrived. We all ended up leaving earlier than normal, the finale to Dancing with the Stars was on.


At home I did manage to finish the secret socks, and I even started the Forest Canopy Shawl, that I’m doing with the Great Adirondack Merino Superwash in Pheasant Colorway with rust, violet, teal brown and gold. Just gorgeous!


I feel like I am knitting as fast as I can, but I will never get done in time for the holidays… panic is already setting in.


I feel like I’m trying so hard to focus but there are just too many plates in the air that I am trying to juggle and it’s all crashing in right now. REMINDER TO SELF Take a breath, and dream of February SPA. Of course the nasty dismal grey damp rainy weather isn’t helping either. I feel like I’m back in Binghamton…. I NEED SUN!



Other Rants of the Day:


OJ Simpson, WTF?


Who in their right mind thinks its ok for him to virtually confess to a murder that almost all sane people KNEW in our hearts that he was guilty. Is he finally going to tell us where and how he dumped the knife?


I cannot believe how there is no legal action that can now be taken against him, it makes me physically ill to know that this scum bag not only got away with cold blooded murder of Nicole and Ron and now he’s just taunting their families with this.


As far as FOX FAUX News being the ones to put up 3.5 Million dollars for this am I surprise? Not really, I just hope that people not only refuse to purchase and read his book, and I hope that others will at least boycott the televised interview.


This man is one sick puppy that he is basically just an Attention Grabbing Ho, so badly is his need to be in the limelight that he’s even willing to stoop lower than I ever thought possible, lower than pond scum.


I still believe and advocate shunning him. It’s the only logically just thing left to do, and it will deny him everything he craves.


Now, Rhymes with Fuchsia brought up and interesting hypothesis that knitters are generally more liberal people. Well, this maybe true, I think knitters are inherently compassionate, and caring. Who else but a compassionate, caring person would spend hours and hours knitting an object for their beloved, or for a perfect stranger with the same care and love? But does this make them liberal in the political sense? I’m not sure. Sometimes I am very liberal, especially on social issues, but I also believe that we need to pay as we go, which apparently is no longer a conservative stance, but now a democratic one. I believe this is another point of proof in my previous rant hypothesis regarding the old Dixiecrats and Political Party re-alignments.


When I was young I was too naïve and idealistic to be anything but a raving liberal, then in my late 20s early 30s I read Ayn Rand‘s Atlas Shrugged and became a capitalist and conservative, but as I got old matured, I realized that most of us cannot afford to be conservative and they were killing the middle class, it appears they only care about power and wealth. So now I subscribe to neither party. I like to think I’m a combination, Libertarian Anarchist. I don’t believe the government has any right to come onto my land and blow me up, but I certainly believe that we are free to blow ourselves up.




4 responses to “It’s a hard rain gonna fall…

  1. Have you taken this quiz ? (I got it from Julie, who probably got it from you. Sounds like an old Tom Lehrer song, but I digress.) Kinda interesting. I ended up slightly left and down from the center of the lower left quadrant — no surprise there.

    Re OJ, the denial of justice is indeed infuriating, but… BTDT, and I plan henceforth to ignore him as he deserves. (Well, no, he deserves to be thrown in the pit of hell, but ignoring him is the best I can do.)

    Best of luck with the plates. Between the ones in the air above me and the ones shifting beneath me it gets hairy sometimes, and I’m not redoing my bathroom.

  2. Interesting quiz from Lucia – I ended up near the Dalai Lama. That is a bit further left on the economic dimension that I would have thought, but overall I guess it’s what I expected. Have you taken it?

    Way to fight for your rights on the laptop. I have the larger screen, and while it’s a pain in the arse to transport, it’s lovely to look at.

    I hear you on the holiday knitting. Total stress! (Makes me want to reread that chapter of the Yarn Harlot – except that that would cut into knitting time.) Om…Om…

  3. I will not purchase nor read OJ’s book. Nor will I listen to any hype on TV. I change the channel as soon as I hear his name and refuse to watch that channel for 24 hours. I still cannot believe he was found not guilty!!!!

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