What me panic?

Twenty days left…

The shopping part is mostly done. Just a few odds and ends, stocking stuffers to pick up.

I have lots of finished objects, but no time to take photos and stick them up. 6 pairs of socks, one shawl, but I only have 1/2 sock completed for my nephew, 1/3 of a hat for a friend. The yarn for my brother’s hat.

I also have a cookie swap planned at my house on the 16th. I still have to finish cleaning the back room, get the tree up, shampoo the living room carpets, oh ya and make 8 dozen cookies all before then. I think I’m going to make Rosettes, the deep fried Norwegian cookies.

Can I finish the knitting, ship it all off, and do the cookies in time? Maybe if I grow some more arms and hands.

Oh and forgot to mention that I got volunteered to organize my departments Holiday lunch. Usually we do a potluck, but I couldn’t deal so I’m collecting money and having it catered.

Here is the tentative menu:

Baked Ziti
Chicken, Broccoli Penne Alfredo
Meatballs and Sauce

Then we will do a Yankee Swap after lunch.

Other things that have been hanging over my head have been resolved:

The bathroom – re-grouted, but as usual it did not go as planned. They could not put the normal, regular grout over the Stain Master grout, nor could they pick out all the grout from between the tiles (Mosaic) so I had to make a choice, use the Stain Master again with the new grey color OR have them totally rip out the floor and redo from scratch. Since I don’t have the time to have my bathroom in continual upheaval during the holidays, I opted for the quick resolution. Pray that the Stain Master grout doesn’t collapse, crack or bubble this time. I think I would cry. At least the floor is guaranteed for a year so if anything at all goes wrong they will come and replace the entire floor this time. The bathroom looks awesome.

The laptop – HP finally coughed up a new laptop and I picked it up on Friday. The geeks at the store were all drooling over it. One of them called it a “monster”. I had no idea until I got it home. Now remember I had purchase a DV6000 model. They replaced it with a HP DV-9060

17″ Screen, 2 GB RAM, HD-DVD burner/player, 4 USB ports, 1 Firewire, Infrared, Express Card, S-Video Out, Media Card slot, TV tuner with remote, built in webcam, Wireless and Ethernet cards. It screams!

So at least I have those two issues no longer hanging over my head. Whew.

I usually work well under stress, and I do love the holidays, but for some reason it seems to come faster each year. Maybe we need to move Thanksgiving ahead a week or two?


5 responses to “What me panic?

  1. It all sounds great, if a little frantic. Sadly I myself will be frantic on the 16th, but hope to see you thereafter.

  2. yep, thanksgiving should be moved 2 weeks ahead! Glad to hear you got your new laptop ok, and your bathroom is finally done. Sounds like you got everything else under control too… i need to start printing out my lists so I can remember what the heck i’m doing ; )

  3. Finally, both the bathroom and the laptop are resolved!

    See you tonight?

  4. I came across this KAL and immediately thought of you – the dressing gown pattern you were talking about a while back is one of the featured patterns:


    Maybe it’s time to add just one more holiday project?? lol

    Glad to hear that your computer issue was settled. And more importantly – the bathroom!

  5. Kathy E in Fredericton

    Don’t like American Thanksgiving’s timing? Move to Canada!

    Thanksgiving is the second Sunday in October – nice weather, really appropriate for the autumn harvest. Lovely weather to go for a walk after supper.

    Present Prime Minister aside, I think you’d like our politics more too! 🙂

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