Down to the wire…

Seven days and counting…

Saturday we celebrated DD upcoming birthday (Actual date December 20th) by going into the Boston Museum of Science to see Body Worlds. I found it a bit macabre, seeing body parts slayed and flayed. I totally skipped the maternity/children section. Stuff like that always bothers me. I also managed to find some totally cool stocking stuffers in the Museum Store which should be fun. Afterwards we took DD to Fanueil Hall to eat and do some shopping. It was a beautifully warm night for walking around the area. I got some North End Bakery Canolli to bring home. Yummo!

Sunday morning I was up early to finish cleaning and mopping for the cookie swap guests. It was too much fun with lots of yummy cookies. Abby (blogless) from the Sunday Borders Knitting group, brought delicious Amaretto Chocolate Chip cookies, The Crazed Weasel brought still warm and really yummy Orange Pistachio Biscotti. My sister brought Russian Tea Cakes (my second favorite cookie in the world). Yarn Harpy brought Chocolate Chip Biscotti, GeekPixie brought totally vegan ginger snaps, that were really yummy. Oh and I made Rosettes… they were just ok, nothing special – next year I’m going to have to bite the bullet and con ask Mom into helping me make Kolachis. Of course Bad Blogger I took no photos.

But we all sat around knitting, drinking wine, and eating. It was lots of fun and thank you everyone for coming and sharing your cookies!

I did actually manage to finish my nephews socks last night after everyone left. I also finished the hat from my hand spun – very nice! I just have one more hat to finish by Friday and I will be done, done, done.

I’ve almost finished plying the finn that I dyed the other day. It’s really beautiful. I cannot wait to knit it up probably into another hat.

I promise tomorrow I will take some pictures, I have a dentist appointment in the morning and so I decided to take the entire day off. I also have to get my brother’s, nephew’s, and cousin’s presents, wrapped, boxed and into the mail.

Oh and my mom called last night after everyone had left the party, to let me know that she doesn’t think my sister (see above) should do Christmas Dinner this year!!??? WTF!?? I really look forward to that 5lb. Beef Tenderloin with Madeira and Mushroom sauce every year. And Mom just wants to have MUNCHIES!!! I DON’T THINK SO!!!. I was planning on making creamed spinach casserole to go with the beef, and a ricotta pie for dessert. Don’t worried I called my sister to overt disaster and if Mom and Dad don’t want dinner, they can leave before we sit down to eat. Whew!


Check out this sheepy screensaver from here 


It’s too cute.


2 responses to “Down to the wire…

  1. The cookie swap sounds like a ton of fun… next year we gotta perfect time travel or else arrange our schedules better. We had yummy food at our house also.

    I really like your answer to the first question in the Christmas meme. Why did I never think of putting alcohol in hot chocolate? Why? I ask you.

  2. Thanks for having us! it was fun!

    Merry things and happy other things,

    and -hey, are you still up for WEBS?


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