Beginnings and Ends

It was really nice to take that week between Christmas and New Years off. I not only took it off from work, but I also blew off blogging, chores,  and almost everything other than what I felt like doing. I need more of this kind of time.  I need to win the lottery.

I considered several New Year’s Resolutions, like the knit from your stash, or finish UFOs, or organize your stash and other fiber accoutrement. But I know myself too well.
When I considered the knit from your stash resolution, I immediately felt like I had to run out and buy all the yarn in sight. Ok, maybe not ALL the yarn, but Liz and I did go to the Web‘s end of year sale the day after Christmas. I was able to at least try to put a governor on my spending and was only going to buy stuff that I either absolutely had a project for or “needed”. Ok, I hear you all laughing now.

So here is what I ended up with.

20 skeins of Rowan Wool Cotton Worsted – it was $2 a skein and a lovely light grey color. I got this to knit myself a cabled sweater with.

10 skeins of a cotton worsted weight – perfect for another Big Girl Knits Shell.

20 skeins of Adirondack Superwash Merino Fingering weight – I forget price per skein but it was discounted – I plan on dyeing for socks (like I NEED sock yarn).

1 skein Trekking XXL – see above. And which reminds me there is a rumor of some kind of sock yarn mileage challenge going. It probably wouldn’t be fair to the other contestants to enter. I have an entire bin dedicated to sock yarn. If I just had the time to knit all those socks I would never have to wash socks again.

2 skeins of Malabrigio – Liz is such an enabler and it was too pretty. We didn’t actually fight over the colors, but it might have gotten dicey if they hadn’t found more in the backroom. The colorway Colchina, has bright lime with copper colors, what can I say. I think I want to do the My So Called Life scarf in this.

1 skein of pure Cashmere, you already know I’m a Cashmere Ho, it jumped into my hands and wouldn’t let go, enough said

and 7 oz. of black alpaca roving that also jumped into my cart.

I had to get out of there fast and before the credit card went TILT! You would think that this would satisfy me and that now I probably could commit to knitting from my stash for at least the next several months, but you just know some pattern will jump out and demand to be knit immediately from something that isn’t in my stash. You all know how that goes. Besides, NETA SPA is coming up, and so is Web’s spring tent sale, then there is the NH Sheep and Wool Festival, and there is just no way I am going to not go.  There is just too much temptation and I admit it, I am weak.

So now I have more stash to organize. Ya right, like that is going to happen, I still have Halloween stuff up.  I like my organized chaos just the way it is anyway.  I know exactly where just about everything is.  UFOs? I’m down to two pairs of socks that are almost done. I’m just ready to turn the heel on the second sock of one pair, and I just need to finish the last toe on the second pair. I’m confident that I should be done with those soon. My big UFO is a sweater I started for myself around Thanksgiving and had to set aside to finish all my Christmas projects (which I did!). I picked that up again last night and other than the fact it is knit on size 4’s and is 90% straight stockinette and mindless, I should have this done in time to wear for spring? Everything else that was started and not completed has been frogged and dumped back into the stash.  I just couldn’t stand to look at it anymore.

Then there is the spinning. I really love spinning. I have a new Woolee Winder for my wheel that calls to me. I really want to be able to spin thin enough singles so that I can double ply them and knit socks and lacy shawls from my hand spun, and that requires practice, practice, practice. Hmmmmm, maybe I should just buy fleece and then be forced to spin anything I want to knit. That might work, but spinning does take away from the knitting. I think I need to grow a couple of more hands, quit my job and completely skip housework AND win the lottery!!

Don’t forget this Sunday is Saint Distaff Day and the Westford, MA Historical Museum is having a spinners gathering to celebrate the day. Everyone is welcome to come whether you spin or just want to check it out.


I’ve also been reflecting upon this past year. Basically 2006 sucked.

I was going to go into a rehash of the year, but decided to skip it.

Here is hoping the 2007 is a lot better than last year, even though I’m sure my stash will have grown exponentially, and will still be stuffed in various locations through out the house, and there will be plenty of UFOs to frog again next year.


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