That girl can sing!

Tuesday evening was the high school band and chorus concert.  DD had a solo in “The Rose”.  I have to say that girl can sing!


I’m so proud of her.  Doncha just love the red (Ruby Woo) lipstick?  Thanks Libbie!

Yesterday, I volunteered to help out Lucia with her spinning demonstration for her daughter’s class.  What a blast!  The kids were great.  I had brought a big pile of unscoured (but not too smelly) fleece and my carders.  While I was letting the some of the kids try out my spinning wheel, the other got most of that fleece carded up nicely 🙂  Ruth was there too, helping and telling wonderful stories.  She was also knitting some gorgeous socks from CASHMERE!  I know I’m mentioned my weakness for cashmere before.  Check out her website for a link to this not only gorgeous, but wickedly cheap inexpensive source!

I even got to knitting at the Java Room last night and got the last heel turned on my Lime and Violet pair of socks. Yay!

The weather has finally turned cold here in New England and the weathermen are predicting snow this weekend.  Sounds like Sunday will be spent knitting at Border’s in the afternoon if the driving isn’t horrendous, besides I need some new knitting magazines for inspiration.  Like the 100s of knitting and spinning magazines I already have at home aren’t enough.


2 responses to “That girl can sing!

  1. The lipstick is great — I hope I get to hear her sing someday. Thanks for helping out, and I’m glad the unintended consequence was a whitewashed fence :).

  2. Ah, I see you had already linked to my secret cashmere dealer! (I just mentioned it on our mailing list of sorts.) 🙂

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