Rock’n and Sock’n

As those of you in the knitting community probably have read on multiple blogs. There was a problem with the Socks that Rock Sock Club payments to a certain bank. Well it appears that the problem has been resolved with a new bank and you can now go to the Blue Moon Fiber Arts and pay for your sock club membership. This purchase doesn’t count as buying new yarn, as I was already commited to it last year, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

Edit: In light of the unenlighted bank idiots, my friend Rhymes with Fuchsia is having a Knit Socks in Public contest, so go and check it out!

This weekend was crazy busy. Friday night I took DD and her friend into Cambridge to see The Onion Cellar. This was the second time for DD. We took the MBTA in from Alewife and fortunately it was a warm (for winter) night and nice to walk around.

Saturday, was housework day – but Saturday night, my mom, dad, sister, niece, nephew, and DD all took me out to dinner at the local 99. The Maryland Lump Crab Casserole was yummo! I even managed to jam some Hot Fudge Sundae in. Fortunately my nephew was able to not only finish his, but mine as well. Ah the appetite of teenage boys is a thing of wonder. I came home feeling like a stuffed pig.

Sunday, I did get up to Borders to hang out with my knitting buds that I hadn’t seen since before Christmas. It was a damp rainy day. I could think of nowhere else I would rather be than sipping an Americano, knitting and hanging with Abby (you need to get a blog girlfriend!), Jennifer, and Patrice and of course Heather (a newbie to the group). It looks like we might be able to get back into the Sunday routine again. Soon Spring will be here and we can all go and hangout in Greely Park again.

Winter is trying it’s best to come to New England, freezing rain and snow are predicted. Right now it’s just raining. I got some oxtails and beef bones ready to make some stock for soup this week.

Tomorrow is my birthday… number 53! ACK! When did I get old? Although my body feels old sometimes, aches, pains, arthritic fingers and creaky knees. And sometimes my brain goes out to lunch, but I still ‘feel’ young in my head. There is something about entering the youth of old age as my mother puts it. I’m old enough to know better, and hopefully make wiser choices. Plus, I’m now in a place that doesn’t require me to suffer fools gladly, if at all. I think I’m going to like being and eccentric old lady. Oh and I think tomorrow is this blogs Blog-o-versary as well. Yes there were other blogs and disappeared in the great black whole, but this one still is going.

I’m really looking forward to going to SPA this year. For those of you who don’t know, SPA is a gathering of knitters and spinners from the New England Textile Arts group. This is it’s fifth year, and each year it grows in leaps and bounds, bringing in more and more people. This year I believe the group has filled two hotels! Can you believe it?! Last year was my first year. I barely knew anyone, but met so many wonderful and friendly people. This year, not only will there be old friends from last year, but new friends from my local knitting and spinning groups who are coming up. There is really something magical about coming into a hotel and seeing knitters and spinners scattered through out the lobby and halls and meeting rooms. There is no agenda, no formal classes, or meetings. It’s all impromptu and relaxing. It’s a wonderful destination in the middle of a New England winter and I can hardly wait until February! And no, DD is not coming with me this year. She’s off to stay with the fairly odd parents for the weekend. I am trying to psych myself up to not buy anymore yarn this time – but I will be buying some spinning fiber!


4 responses to “Rock’n and Sock’n


    Many happy returns.

    Winter is coming here today in spades. 10 – 15 cm of white stuff! Crikey!!

  2. Happy Birthday AND Blogiversary! Have a great day tomorrow, may it be filled with yarn and fiber.

  3. Happy birthday! And happy blogiversary! — I can’t believe mine is coming up too. I can’t wait for SPA. Thanks for the plug: that makes at least four unsolicited ones today, so I guess I’m doing something right :).

  4. Happy birthday, and blog anniversary, too! And I so relate to your comments about not feeling “old”. I turned 54 last August, and I just *know* I am nowhere near as old as my parents were at that age! And while I have some arthritis, well, I’ve had that since my 20s, a result of a spectacularly ungraceful fall down a set of stairs onto a concrete floor, so it doesn’t signal old age to me. (It does, however, signal weather changes LOL)

    I’m not from Boston, but I had the pleasure of visiting there for 3 weeks two summers ago. Loved, loved, loved it. And yes, I did all those touristy things, but hey! They were a first for me! (Plus, I teach 5th grade, and it’s all about our colonial history, so I just couldn’t resist!)

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