WTF Wednesday

I’m so ready to head down to the Cape for a wicked good cuppa chowdah (as Jennifer suggested).  It certainly is cold enough to be thinking about soup!

My birthday was ok… just another day really.  But with lots of emails, calls, etc. from friends – thanks guys that was so nice to be remembered.  I am planning to go out to dinner Friday with my blogless friend Alicia, and then Saturday with some Java Room Knitting Buds to La Carreta’s  home of the  best Mexican food in the Northeast and of the 46 oz.  Marguarita.  I kid you not.  BTW, who is driving?

Today on the other hand has been off the wall busy, but inbetween the craziness I spot this “Climate resets ‘Doomsday Clock“.   Apparently the global warming has bumped up doomsday by 2 seconds.  Although I think I have to change my venacular from global warming to climate changes after today.  Sure New England up until today had the warmest winter on record… today’s high was somewhere in the single digits without the windchill affect.  With windchill I think we were double digit negative something.  At this point, Hell has frozen over.   I’m not quite sure how I feel about this, but when I defrost I’ll let you know.

So last night was quiet as I said,  DD and I just had sandwiches for dinner and it was so damn cold, I just got into my jammies and jumped under the covers to watch TV and knit.  I’m about 2/3rds done with the right front of this.


Then all that is left is the sleeves and assembly.  I’m really loving the yarn I chose for this.  Cascade Yarns Bollicinie – Dolly, 100% extrafine merino in a dk weight, color M4.  I cannot believe I got through all the stockinette on US4s no less.   Now I’m just praying it all comes together, fits and looks nice when I’m done.

I’m also working on socks – Light Pink Regia Silk.  I’m doing a fake cable and loving the way it looks.  These are knitting up quite nicely.


One response to “WTF Wednesday

  1. Happy birthday to you,
    Happy birthday to you,
    Happy birthday dear Lynne,
    Happy birthday to you!


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