Blogging for Choice Day


Today is blog for choice day. See details here.

I guess winter has finally arrived, it’s been bitter cold, too cold for snow. I really dislike cold, dismal winters like this.

Saturday night DD and I met up with some other knitter friends, their kids and friends and had dinner at my fave Mexican restaurant. My fave combo – chili rellenos, an enchiladas, rice and beans.  Oh and I guess I lost my ATM card sometime Friday night – I think I just drove off and left it in the ATM machine.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve done this same stupid thing.   I couldn’t find it anywhere.  This is definitely a tragedy – the ATM is my life blood.

I also went to knitting on Sunday afternoon at Borders Nashua. I’m on the home stretch for the sweater by knitting both sleeves together. I think I’m going to run out of yarn – so please pray to the knitting goddess that I have enough to finish the sleeves, and the long neck and front bands. This will really suck if I run out (especially after ordering not one but TWO extra balls!)  UPDATE #2:  Ok I couldn’t stand the drama. I called Ewe’ll Love It where I purchased it!  YAY!! They have 2 balls, same color, same dye lot!  Thank you blessed Arachne, goddess of thread, weaving and spinning!


Remember my secret socks that I was working on for one of my bestest friends for Christmas?

Well she just sent me photos and said that she loves them and they keep her feet toasty warm… hmmm… maybe this will inspire her to learn to knit?



 Don’t these socks fit beautifully?


3 responses to “Blogging for Choice Day

  1. My, what big feet she has! LOL! Thank you again…I do love them! It’s hard not wearing them all of the time.

  2. I presume you mean you’re knitting both sleeves at once. It would be just like me to knit them together and not notice until I was done :). Sorry I missed you Sat — sounds like a great time. I had a date with my favorite handsome man, but I hope to make the next outing.

    The socks are beautiful. I love that color.

  3. What beautiful socks! That is also going to be one gorgeous sweater. Lucky about the dye lots – I wasn’t so lucky on my felted bag project, just keeping my fingers crossed that it won’t matter…

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