Here is something to think about.

If we (the US) are not planning on remaining permanently in Iraq then what the heck are we doing building a Billion (plus) dollar fortress that is bigger than the UN compound in NYC, and bigger than the Vatican, to house over 5000 people and calling it the US Embassy of Iraq? See report here.

And we wonder why the Iraqi people might be a bit peeved and untrusting of US?!

One would think that this 104 acre compound just might look like the Death Star to Iraqi citizens.


Have we become the evil empire?


11 responses to “Here is something to think about.

  1. Somehow, I don’t think building a secure, bomb resistant compound in a violent nation, war or no war, to conduct future business and relations with the Iraqi government would seem all that offensive to the average citizen.

    NOT building something large, strong and formiddable to protect our representatives would be laughed at, loudly.

    But, you never know. Maybe Bush is Darth Vader and the US military are secretly Imperial Storm Troopers still trying to work out how to use “The Force”.

    If only he were Hans Solo.

  2. Does anyone sincerely believe US will leave Iraq? This is what is really happening.

    Saddam Hussain converted all his dollars for euros.
    He started selling oil for euros only.

    Iraq is now under US occupation.
    Iraqi Oil fields have been safely secured.

    Saddam Hussain has been captured, tried, executed.
    A pro-US Iraqi government is in ‘power’.

    Iraqi Oil is again being sold in dollars.
    Petro-dollar is safe for now.

    Iran just across the border also has the same intentions.
    Iran will get stronger with Saddam Hussain being deposed.

    Leaving Iraq to Iraqi now almost certainly upset the precariously balanced apples on the proverbial cart.

    US has to stay in Iraq.
    Where else other than in forts with thick wall of concrete.

    How long can this go on?

    How long will all the people of this world be fooled for all the time?

  3. To respond to icanplainlysee.

    No doubt we need a fortified place in Iraq for generations, but does it need to be six times the size of the UN compound?

  4. Hi Witchypoo

    Hell, I don’t know. What I do know is we can plan on terror moving here if Iraq is abandoned. Don’t let the 6 times thing sway you..New York doesn’t have lots of real estate to work with. I haven’t seen any other reports on this structure, so I”ll keep my eyes peeled. And thanks for your post.

    Hi Little Indian.. I’ve read that identical opinion in a few places, a very few mind you, but your not the only one who thinks thats an accurate view of history. I saw that take at Huffpo, DailyKos, ANSWER, and Salon mag. Not exactly an unbiased group would you say?

    But, opinions are what makes this blogging thing so much fun.


  5. @ icanplainlysee

    it is not a matter of bias or unbiased views, few or many, accurate or inaccurate.

    its a question of being able to see through the lies and deceits and accepting the truth. there are enough reports and numbers available for those who wants to look for it.

    the days of cleverly laid plans of preserving the petro-dollar are numbered; without which USofA will be the begging bowl of the world. i can’t wait for the first attack on Iran, for it will be US’s last atrocity. the world will not accept another ‘iraq’.

    when a country has to build fortresses for their diplomats in another country they occupy, they have already lost the battle. the days of US as a ‘world power’ is finished, its now a question of dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s.

    you do not have to believe anyone, for you will definitely see it for yourself.

    and i am certain i too will be alive to see it all happen.

  6. Well, Indian..
    Either you believe America is the enemy, always wrong, always deceitful or you don’t. The people who fabricated that malarkey you’ve swallowed certainly do.

    America hating is a sport among arrogant, bitter people. They usually have a radical Left wing professor who think’s it’s still 1965 and Vietnam is raging.

    Why you need to hang on to this view of America as opposed to many others stumps me.

    Im guessing your young, impressionable and rebellious.

    And your just plain wrong.

    But, we’ll see.

  7. @ icanplainlysee!!

    Talk of being presumptuous
    It is you who is showing your arrogance when you say I am wrong.
    It does not surprise me, as you must be an American

    I am 49
    I was born in the third world and have lived in UK for 20 years
    I hold a Masters degree,
    I am at the top of my profession
    I am open minded
    I read and I listen
    I am open to all points of view
    I am a bystander on this issue
    I am a realist
    I judge things for myself
    So please think twice before you start making personal statements

    You want to forget the years of slavery
    You want to forget the years of discrimination against the black people
    You want to forget Ku Klux Klan
    You want to forget Hiroshima and Nagasaki,
    (yet you cry foul when WTC was ground to dust)
    You want to forget Vietnam
    You want to forget Afghanistan
    You want to forget who befriended and armed Saddam Hussain
    You will want to forget the claims of WMD in Iraq
    You will want to forget Guantanomo bay
    You will want to forget Abu Ghraib
    You will soon want to forget Iraq
    You want to deny global warming
    You will also want to forget George W Bush

    And when you say Vietnam is raging, you are very right.
    Except its called Iraq where you have sent your boys and girls to die for nothing; sorry to save the petrodollar.
    Don’t talk to me of American democracy, it re-elected G W Bush.

    America hating is not a sport
    America haters do not have to be bitter or arrogant
    America haters are one’s who upholds human rights
    America haters are those who value the earth and environment
    America haters are who respect a country’s sovereignty
    regardless of who is in power
    America haters are ones who denounce ‘pre-emptive strikes’

    Without the fiat dollars, America is nothing.
    America deserves the hatred she gets.

    You will never understand why there are intelligent and sane human beings who hates America, because you are in denial of all of the above, or you are of subnormal intelligence.

    Say what you like, it does not bother me.
    As you sow, so shall you reap. Judgment day cannot be far off.

  8. ok, fine.

    I use that same style a lot by the way, I really like it.
    As to substance, it seems we’re talking past one another.
    However, your bright and interesting.
    So, if you can stand communicating with a knuckle dragging type I suppose we can visit from time to time.
    I’ve favorited your blog and look forward to your next rant (which I love to do too)
    By the way, I’ve never seen all those self loathing obsessions listed like that, very nice.
    And to boldly state that America deserves the hate she gets.. damn, I thought those were just occasional lines in a good conservative book blaming radical progressives for the cultural decline of the nation and accusing them of being warmed over Marxist/socialists with world domination in mind.

    You seem much too pleasant for that.
    But, I could be wrong.

    We have until judgement day I suppose….

    Sincerely, Hank

  9. Shall look forward to it.

  10. Play nice or I will have to send you off into the abyss 🙂

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