or maybe it’s seasonal affective disorder, or maybe just the lack of snow?

Lately I’ve just been feeling off a bit.

I started writing about sad, melancholy things and decided I didn’t want to go there.

So instead I ran across this and will grace you with my knitter geekiness.


Version: 1.1

KER++ Exp++ SPM++ KnitPicks ++ AddiT+ Wood+ Bam+  Syn- Nov– Wool+++ Lux+++ Cot+  Stash++
Scale+ Fin Ent? FI Int Aran+ Lace+++ Sock+++ Felt Flat++ DPN+++ Circ++ ML1(2) Swatch-
Gauge(F)(DK)(W) KIP(++) EZ++ FO+ WIP+(++) Blog+ SNB(2) ALTSp


I really need to finish my sweater – right now I’m just really hating putting it all together.

I really need to finish my Regia Silk socks – for some reason as much as I love how soft this is and how wonderfully in knits, I just cannot seem to finish a pair of socks knit with it.  I’m still trying.  I keep thinking of a different pattern I want to knit instead of the ones I am currently knitting.  Have you ever had that problem with some yummy yarns?

They Call Them Pirates Hat for DD – it’s almost done a few more rows, then I need to tack in the lining of the brim, block.  Maybe I’ll finish it up tonight.  I’ve decided I do not like fair isle knitting.  Although I am proud that I figured out and knit most of this hat using both my right and left hands for holding the two different colored yarns and was able to knit quite well this way.

Not finishing stuff may have a lot to do with the ennui.

My one glowing light in the distance? SPA, Knit and Spin is coming!


3 responses to “Ennui?

  1. Sheesh, you are the second knitblogger today (on my radar) to use the word ennui in a post and to complain of disaffection from all UFOs. Must be something in the air, or the season. Hey, it’s almost Groundhog Day, things are looking up! Sort of. I myself am having a different but related problem, not so many current UFOs but finished all my scarves and now want to start something… but what?

  2. I can’t believe you’re almost done with the pirate hat! You’ll have to bring it to Borders sometime, I’d love to see it. My problem these days is the same as usual – lots of stuff OTN but always I’m distracted by something new!

  3. More snow would be WONDERFUL right now. I needed it not to snow too much until after the concert and then my last Teachers As Scholars class, and now that those are over, bring on the snow! 🙂

    See you tonight!

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