Why I Love Knitting Socks

I was planning to post this entry on Friday, but I was unfortunately bitten with the horrible-no-good-nasty-gastro-intestinal-virus-from-the-ninth-abyss-of-hell.  I survived. 

Since this past weekend we celebrated Brigid’s Day (Imbolc), the triple goddess of the arts, poetry, smithcraft and healing.  In spite of the nasty bug that bit me, I did manage to light a candle and asked Brigid to fire my artistic imagination and to bring me some inspiration.

I hope everyone had a nice celebration especially since that nasty little rodent, Phil, did not see his shadow.  Spring is on the way.


Another contest 🙂 Check out over at Pointy Sticks podcast site. You enter by commenting on why you love sock knitting.Here’s what I wrote.

The first time I knit socks on dpns was interesting. It took some getting used to the multiple points, dropped stitches, ladders, but I finally got the hang of it. This was also the first knitting project I had picked up in quite a few years, so my tension was, shall we say, not quite uniform.I persevered and refused to be bitten by the infamous second sock syndrome and I actually managed to finish two socks. I couldn’t really call them a pair, since the only resemblance was that they were knit from the same yarn. They were more fraternal twins.

Then I heard about knitting both socks at the same time, and thought that this might just be the answer I was searching for. Now I had to learn to wrestle with two circulars which were like wrestling with a metal octopus. But once I finished that pair of socks, I was hooked. Since then I’ve even tackled the magic loop with some success.

I love the construction of the sock, the magic of turning the heel. I love the instant gratification of reaching different points along the way. I even learned to love the Kitchener Stitch.

Lately I’m back knitting socks on DPNs and they actually come out looking the same now.

I love knitting socks; I love all the different yarns for sock knitting, self-striping, hand painted. I love watching the colors change and how they pool in different spots. I love the various wools, blends, and luxury yarns that are available to knit socks from.

Knitting socks is just so satisfying on so many levels, not to mention that you get to wear them. And there is nothing like wearing hand knit socks.


On the spinning wheel:

I finish spinning and plying my fugly roving that was one of my failed dyeing roving experiments. I still cannot believe that people were commenting on how ‘pretty’ it was when I was spinning it on Saint Distaff’s Day. It just goes to show there is no accounting for taste (mine?). I have to say, that although it’s not ‘my’ colors and not in my opinion anything spectacular, I did manage to get it thin enough for a 2-ply sock yarn so eventually this will become fugly socks. I just need to set the twist.

Good news! Last night I arrived home to find a box in my mailbox. At first my heart skipped a beat thinking it might be the first shipment from the Socks that Rock Club. On closer inspection I discovered my three extra bobbins for my WooLee Winder! YIPPEE! Now I don’t have to keep winding the singles onto my ball winder and plying from center pull balls. I’m always afraid they will end up in a tangled mess. Although the fugly stuff worked out plying quite well from center pull balls.

I am planning on dyeing up some more roving to spin at SPA, but unfortunately there was a mishap on the ordering of the dyes through an online coop group. Apparently the person thought they had mailed the order and check, but apparently it never made it out from the depths of her purse so it’s going to be later than SPA 😦

Maybe I’ll just have to suck it up and order some myself…. sigh.


On the needles:

You know you are sick when you cannot even concentrate enough to knit stockinette in the round.  But on Sunday I was feeling much better and I needed to get out of the house.  So off to Border’s to meet up with the Nashua SnB ladies.  Half way there I realized it was Super Bowl Sunday so there was a very slim chance anyone else would be joining me.  But as I settled in with my coffee and bagel and Ipod with podcasts to check up on, Naomi appeared and then Karen (both blogless) and we had a lovely time chatting and knitting until 4:30ish or so.

I worked a bit on my grey sweater.  I fear I may need to re-knit the sleeves.  I’ll know better once I block the crap out of them.  I also started to work on beret from the gorgeous green and purple hand painted cashmere that I’m stranding with some purple Ultra-alpaca.  I cannot believe they discontinued this color.  It’s so pretty.


2 responses to “Why I Love Knitting Socks

  1. I haven’t ordered any fiber yet for SPA, but I figure that with the bundle that Lourdes gave me and vendors being there at SPA, I should be okay. I need to work on some knitting that weekend, too.

  2. Wow, SPA is only a week and a half away. How did that happen?

    The purple Ultra Alpaca seems to be back. Woolpack had a bunch of it last time I was there.

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