Is it Spring yet?

I wish I could just pull the covers over my head and hibernate for the rest of the winter.  It’s just too hard to get out of bed when it feels like you are living in the Arctic Circle.

Work also announced more layoffs and more jobs being outsourced to “more cost effective locations”.

I needed to go to knitting group last night, but I had a new dilemma… what to bring to knit?  I had finished my cashmere/alpaca beret (it still needs to be blocked), I need to block and finish my Garnstudio sweater, but I have to block the sleeves to continue the construction.  And alas, all of my blocking is currently on hold until the temps get up at least above freezing.  You see I have no space to lay out the stuff, except in the back (3-season) room and right now its cold enough out there to be a spare freezer.

I’m not in the sock knitting mood right now either, so the pink Regia Silk was destined to remain in the bottom of the knitting bag next to the half knit sock and there was literally nothing else on deck.

So on the way home I’m thinking about what I want to knit and I realized that lace was once again singing the siren song.  I needed to start a lace project.  I remembered Ene’s Scarf that I had wanted to do when I first started to knit lace, but at the time it seemed too hard.  I hadn’t mastered the chart yet.  So I run into the house, locate the book and do a quick rummage through the stash I found some yummy alpaca lace-weight in gorgeous heathery copper color already wound into a ball.   I just wish I could remember the yardage, or for that matter where I got it and what I got it for, found a circular that was empty that seemed to be the right size and off to knitting I went.

As I was reading the pattern through before getting ready to start casting on the 375 stitches I decided that this is going to be a fun pattern to knit.   I think it’s going to be beautiful, I just hope I have enough yarn to complete it.

I guess like the Fool from the Tarot, I’ll just have to step off the cliff with a leap of faith.  I hear you all laughing out there.  If not, it will just be a big practice swatch.


2 responses to “Is it Spring yet?

  1. Beautiful pattern! I can’t wait to see how it works up in that color.

  2. Yeah! Another Ene knitter. I started it last summer but did not have much time to work on it for 6 months. I just picked it up the other day and got back to work. I’m into the main section now and have really enjoyed the pattern. I just had to keep an extra close eye on my work during the edge portion and ran a couple lifelines. Have fun!!

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