SPA 2007

Friday I had the car packed and ready to roll.  I picked up darling daughter right after school and dropped her off a quickly as I could at the Fairly Odd Parents.   She was bitch’n at me the entire ride that she hated school and wanted to go to a private school, she had no friends, people laughed at her… blah, blah, blah.   I couldn’t drop her off fast enough.

Finally on the road in blissful peace and quiet.  I made to Portland and checked in around 5:00pm.  I wrestled all my stuff to the room in one run, because it was so bitterly cold, I didn’t want to make multiple trips.  This also meant the computer stayed in the car.  Fiber, clothing, knitting projects and spinning wheel were the priority for this weekend.

I got my stuff stashed, called the Harpy to see where she was… they hadn’t left yet,  so I grabbed a knitting project (my hand-spun socks) and headed off to the lobby.

I sat with Linda (think snow) and had a lovely chat with her.  She is one amazing knitter.  For ‘fun’ and her own amusement she was knitting toe up socks (not the PLURAL) on DPNs.  You know the Anna Karenina socks where you knit one inside the other one on DPNs.  I can only aspire to her level of knitting.  I also got to chat with several other knitters and finally Harpy and soon to be hubby arrived.  Once they got settled we headed to the bar to grab a drink and a quick meal.  Or so we thought. 

Can you imagine having a totally filled hotel with guest that you KNOW are probably going to eat there and that some of them will want to eat in the bar AND you’ve had this ginormous group of people the past five years, but you DON’T put waitresses on the schedule.  Although the food was good once we managed to get it, the service just plan sucked.  Even after waiting almost a hour after finishing our meal for a check, we just money and blew out of there.  After all there is only so much 80’s disco music one person can take.

We were a bit tired so I headed off to my room to get into my jammies, watch a movie, knit and plan my attack for the next day.

I decided to have breakfast delivered to my room rather than go down stairs.  This allowed me my favorite quiet time of the day.  The sun was coming up and hustle and bustle hadn’t started.  And I enjoyed a nice cuppa coffee, with my knitting and could just ‘be’.

I got downstairs before the hordes and staked out a spot for my wheel and small circle of buddies.  Jena followed shortly and brought her new Louet. 

Notice that she is smiling here as she learns to spin but we did hear a lot of “poop” and “boogers” from her all day.


Once I replaced her spinning fiber of unknown heritage, with some lovely Finn, she started to really get the hang of it.

I text messaged the other buddies that were coming up for the day, to let them know where we were because by this time it was clear that not only was this going to be another successful SPA weekend, it had also grown exponentially and there were spinners and knitters in just about every nook and cranny of the hotel main floor.


Even with the mad house, Liz and Lucia managed to find us.  By this time the room was jammed with people and humming with energy and excitement.   We decided to go and check out the vendors.

Lookie what I came home with!



From the top,  Merino Lace (approx. 1320 yd per skein) in Black on the left and Burgundy on the right.  This stuff was a steal at $12 per skein!  I think I got this at the Unique One table!  Two skeins of Spunky Eclectic Lace (800 yds per skein) in Autumn and Your Majesty – I love her stuff!  The cone is Lambs Pride Worsted in a really pretty dark fuchsia color.

Oh and I got the shawl stick pin from the Unique One too.

Now for the fiber.


One the left is 4 oz. of lovely 50/50 Wool and Mohair hand-painted roving.  Just below that is a sample of that lovely Llama Down that I love.  Unfortunately he was not a vendor so wasn’t selling his wares, just handing out lovely samples.

On the right is my take from the fiber sandwich.  Christine (one of my spinning friends) put out this idea and several people participated.  Basically everyone brought some fiber to share – it was weighed first.  I brought 3.6 oz. of lovely cinnamon alpaca roving.  So after we spread out lots of layers of various fibers we broke of a bit of the ‘sandwich’ that equaled the 3.6 oz. I had brought and this is what I ended up with.  It should be fun to spin up.  Everyone took the same amount is ‘samples’ as they brought with them.  It was lots of fun.

Later in the day when we were back in the big ballroom spinning.  I spied another spinning friend just up for the day.

You probably wondered what I worked on while I was there.  Well this is what I was spinning.


 This is from some of the Finn roving that I hand painted.


 I cannot wait to see it all plied up.  I think I have almost 4 oz. or enough to make some nice mittens.

 Oh and I did finish the Fugly Socks from the Fugly super-wash roving that I dyed. (Cherry Red, Chartreuse, and Gun Metal).    See!  It just goes to show you never know how it’s going to turn out.



I arrived home safe and sound Sunday afternoon.  I cannot wait until SPA 2008!









6 responses to “SPA 2007

  1. Thank you for the great review and photos. Sounds like another great fiber adventure you went on.

  2. It was wonderful! Too short, but wonderful.

  3. I’m glad you spotted me looking dazedly around the room for someone I knew *lol* It was lovely to sit and chat a bit! I can’t wait to see that lovely Finn plied, it was just a beautiful dye job.

  4. It’s the Jena! Woot!

    And I’m totally jealous of your fiberhaul. Mrrrowr for fiber adventures!

  5. Hey look, it’s a picture of the harpy in the wild… 😉

    Thanks for the fiber enabling – I am definitely addicted to spinning now.
    Next year can’t come soon enough!

  6. whee! The fugly socks are so totally not fugly at all. I love them! Lovely to see you, however briefly – see you later

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