Kissel Electric Spinner

So does anyone know anything about these electric spinners?  If so, please leave a comment.

Last night I went to the spinning group and we were sharing our space with a book club meeting.  They were having a very interesting discussion regarding the History of Westford, and it was being led by the author and very lovely woman, named June.  She used to be a spinner and knew we would be there as well.

So she brought some fiber and the Kissel Electric Spinner (complete).  I bought it and a 6 oz. bag of cream colored cashmere – all for $70!  I figured the cashmere alone was worth that!

I’m not sure if I will ever use the electric spinner, but it might be cool for plying.  It came in the neat wooden box with three bobbins, and the instructions. 


I did manage to get home in time to see Grey’s Anatomy, and although I knew the main character couldn’t die, I thought the story line was interesting.

I’m not sure how I feel about the upcoming spin off with McDreamy’s ex.  I think spin offs just dilute the main show and you end up with two so-so shows instead of one really good one.



Ene’s Scarf/Shawl in the Spunky Electric Laceweight, although it’s not going to be on the needles for long.  I cannot seem to get my stitch count correct and right now I’ve tinked almost back to the first chart.  I cannot decide if I want to just add another stockinette row and ‘adjust’ the count accordingly.  I did look for an addendum to the pattern but there doesn’t seem to be any.  Or what will probably happen is I will rip the thing out and start again.  I really really really hate tinking lace.  But if I bite that bullet now I can be back on track for Sunday SnB at Borders.

I also have to pull together all my sock yarn.  This may or may not be a good thing.  A woman at work wants me to teach her how to knit socks and since she doesn’t know where to get sock yarn by Monday, I volunteered to find something in my stash for her.  She already says she knows how to knit so I thought I would teach her the magic loop since I think that will be the easiest method, and since she doesn’t know how to knit on dpns (yet). 

I was hoping my first installment for the Socks That Rock Club would be here in time but probably not, so I’ll just start the second sock for regia silk, the first is still on dnps, or maybe something from my stash will sing to me.


8 responses to “Kissel Electric Spinner

  1. Do you have a picture of the electric spinner? I’d love to see what it looks like.

  2. Congrats on the new spinner. That sounds like a great deal. I miss you ladies at the Spinning Meetings already. Just wanted to let you know that I mixed 4- 1/8 tsp of Dylon to every 4 oz of water and 1/8 tsp of salt in a container and poured that over the roving–just like with the Jacquard dyes. I presoaked the rovings in water with vinegar. I hope you do use this method and show off some pics. I think it is a very inexpensive way to dye wool because the packets container a lot more dye. Good luck.

  3. mmmm….cashmere… I’d also love to see a picture of the electric spinner. DH kept bugging me last night, saying, “She can’t die because, then it will just be ‘Anatomy.’ “

  4. I fudged many times on Ene’s Scarf. I thought there was a corrected chart somewhere, but a quick google didn’t reveal any files. So what I would do (and what I did) is adjust the stitches to get close to the chart. Hope that helps!

  5. what a drag with Ene – I feel your pain. Mainly because I’ve fouled up Charlotte’s Web, too, somehow.

    Socks in big yarn work, too, and get finished wicked fast. I’m just sayin’…

  6. I would love to know where you got it from as well as to see a picture of your spinner

  7. Hi, found you on a google search for “kissel electric spinner”, I saw an advertisement for this device in a 1987 Threads magazine (bought for a dollar at the local thrift store). They were originally 60.00 and the carrying case was 40.00, each spool ran 3.00. If you ever decide to sell yours, I’d love to be considered, I’d use it for plying.

  8. Hi there. My grandparents invented the Kissel Spinner when my grandma began to suffer from arthritis and was finding it more difficult to use the traditional spinning wheel. She was a spinner and even made her own dyes from plants she foraged in the woods of Wisconsin. This spinner is no longer made and we only have a few left in the family. I just gifted one to someone this Christmas and they still work really well. What else would you like to know about this spinner?

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