weekends are just too short

After such a great weekend, it only seems appropriate that it would be grey and snowy on Monday.

Friday, after checking out the dyeing my spinning friend Rosa was doing, I ran into Joann’s on the way home.  Apparently someone beat me to it as the only two colors left were purple and olive green.  And although that could potentially be an attractive combination, I was looking for something with more pop.  Fortunately when I got home my Dharma dyes were waiting for me.   Unfortunately no time to play with dyeing this weekend.

And a lovely weekend it was too.  I picked DD up from Grandma’s Saturday afternoon and barely spent time with her since she was off to a girlfriends, to go to a concert and sleep over.

A dear friend that I haven’t seen in months was coming over to hang out with me for the night.  And since she is a poor working student, I decided to make something special for dinner.

I stopped at the store, with one dinner in mind, then noticed a new copy of the Cook’s Illustrated on the rack.   I love this magazine.  In this issue was a recipe for Garlicky Shrimp, a quick scan told me I had all the ingredients except the shrimp and some fresh parsley and a fresh french baguette. 

I got home and started putting away groceries and pulling out stuff to prep for dinner.  Cleaned and peeled the raw shrimp, chopped up the garlic and shallots… but where is my big frying pan?  I searched high and low – I even searched the basement and did a quick glance around the yard.  I know she (DD)  burnt the pan as the evidence of my permanently burned stove-top would indicate.  I just don’t know where the hell she hid it.  I HATE THIS weirdness thing she has about hiding my kitchen utensils, dishes, pots and pans all over the house and YES, even the yard.

But since my friend was coming, off I went to buy a new frying pan.  I cannot tell you how much this pisses me off.

New pan in hand, a good friend and a glass or two of wine and my blood pressure was returning to normal.

The shrimp dinner was absolutely delicious!  I served it with lemon slices and some fresh roasted asparagus, and lemon meringue pie for dessert.

It was a delightful evening.  Oh and I picked up DD on Sunday afternoon.  She cannot remember what happened to the frying pan.  Ya right – this kid has the memory of an elephant – she just doesn’t want to fess up.

I wasn’t in the mood for a fight – so I went off to knitting at Borders.

Thanks Abby, Jennifer, Naomi, I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time.  I needed that.

I think my knitting is back on track for the Ene’s scarf.  I must have ripped this out 15 times on Saturday.  But after counting and re-counting and checking and re-checking – I still ended up off 2 stitches.  But I took Michelle’s advice and just fudged it.  I’m finally past that point and it’s looking good so far.  <knock wood>

I finished off the garlicky shrimp cold and they were still yummo then settled in for the Oscar’s, Sunday laundry and more knitting.

Monday just came way too fast, it’s nasty grey and snowy.  I wish I could just put the covers over my head and just hibernate a little bit longer.


3 responses to “weekends are just too short

  1. I’m glad you got past the sticky parts. I think that’s the only place in the pattern where you’ll have that problem.

  2. I discovered the smallest of my set of metal mixing bowls in Miss B’s room, full of dirt. Seems she had decided finally to use a planter kit she got as a birthday gift a year or two ago and used the bowl to mix the dirt. She suggested that if I wanted the bowl back so much I should transfer the dirt to another container. She was quickly brought up to speed on who would be doing the transferring.

  3. A frying pan?? Why would she hide a frying pan? Nevermind… this is Miss G we’re talking about.

    Spring is coming… I could smell it in the air last night.

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