TGI Rainy Work From Home Friday

Today I am working from home – it started out sleeting then turned quickly to rain.  I have a big pond in front of my door where it’s flooded but at least it’s not coming into the basement.

Nor did it deter the UPS or FED-EX guys from my stash enhancement deliveries.  Neither delivered is a breach of the cannot-purchase-stash-enhancers-until-I-knit multiple-projects-from-my-current-stash-non-new-years-resolution rules.

The first to arrive was a lovely box of fiber I traded for my Lendrum Jumbo Plying Head.  For the flyer I got a box stuffed with:

1 lb 2oz grey Shetland
about 1 lb brown corriedale
about 1 lb grey border leister cross
and about 2-3 oz of merino roving that is not commercial top, but from a local herd up in Wisconsin.

It’s wonderful!

Shortly afterwards the Fed-Ex guy waded through the pond to deliver the long anticipated and pre-stash-non-resolution purchased Socks That Rock Club’s first installment.  I will not post pics yet since I don’t want to be a spoiler for those that read and haven’t received it yet.  I will only say it’s fabulous!

Oh and I also finished up my taxes and got those in so I hope to see that refund soon!

So Thank Goddess It’s a damp rainy work from home Friday – I can work on my almost finish Ene’s Shawl and cast-on the Socks That Rock! oh ya!


4 responses to “TGI Rainy Work From Home Friday

  1. So exciting to get goodies in the mail. I am also on the non-stash-enhancement gig. I hope to use up some of my stuff to make room for future goodies. Can’t wait to see a pics of the STR and Ene’s.

  2. oo! oo! my STR arrived too! so cool!

  3. I’m so jealous! I haven’t received my STR yet and now have to wait at least until Monday as I’m leaving for the weekend 😦

  4. oo – forgot to ask, do you want to come to the Celtics game Wed. night? I’m trying to get four gals, Carole’s in, Amber’s in – whatcha think?

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