Rich or Famous?

Which would you rather be?I was a bit depressed to wake up this morning to find I had not won the Mega Millions.  I guess that means I won’t be retiring and buying that sheep and alpaca farm anytime soon.  Sigh.Oh and I’m not famous, nor would I really want to be, but one of my Border’s knitting buds got her 15 minutes of fame!  Bloggless Abby was interviewed for the Nashua Telegram about our knitting group here.   Abby you really do need to get a blog.  This is so cool!

Last night I finished knitting and blocked Ene’s Scarf.  I’m actually wearing it today.  Sorry no pictures yet.  Once I got started on this pattern it was very easy to follow and a quick knit.  I will definitely knit this pattern again.I also started the socks from the Socks that Rock Club.  I’ve decided I’m not crazy about the sock pattern provided, so I’m ripping out and doing my own thing.  I hope that doesn’t break any of the club rules.  Oh well, I never was a very good rule follower anyhoo.  Just call me the sock rebel.   I really do like the colors of the yarn.  (no pictures yet, as I don’t want to be spoiler for those that haven’t received theirs kits)

Tonight half of the Java Room knitters are off to a Celtics game.  I really wanted to go, but unfortunately DD is in the last 2 weeks of play rehearsals, which means I have to pick her up at 8pm.  Too late to ask Grandma to do it so I guess I’ll just go to hang with the knitters that didn’t go and head out early to pick up DD.


3 responses to “Rich or Famous?

  1. Enjoyed your blog entry today. Good luck with the rich or famous thing sometime!

    Sounds like you have a very nice knitting group.


  2. Oh, rich, definitely. See you soon.

  3. I’m blogless??! It sounds like you’re calling me ‘loveless’!! LOL! One of these days I’ll jump on the blogwagon…I swear!

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