You just gotta love New England weather

Only in New England could it be 70F one day and within less than 48 hours below freezing and a Nor’ easter raging outside and the weather man predicting a foot of snow.  Oh ya and the Vernal Equinox is just a few days away.

So as the saying goes if you live in New England and don’t like the weather, wait five minutes and it will change.

On my way home from Wednesday night knitting at the Java Room it started to sprinkle out.  I turned on my windshield wipers, only to have the drivers side wiper arm fly off the side and wrap around to the driver side door.  When I got home I tried to figure out what was wrong and the other side stopped working.  Knowing that there was a storm predicted I headed off to the dealers on Thursday to get the wipers fixed.  It turned out to be loose screw… who knew?

Once DD calls that she’s safe at home, I’m going to head out out of here too.


2 responses to “You just gotta love New England weather

  1. Yeesh! Good thing you got them fixed before today!

    Stay warm in this weather. It took me almost 80 minutes to get to Dave’s house from the middle school!

  2. Ah, the trouble you can get into just from having a screw loose. Sorry about the cold — hope you didn’t get it from me. (I’m just now getting over the one I had at SPA.)

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