A cold in ma nose

One of the ‘other’ things you can get with wild weather changes and ginormous swings in temperature, is a cold, a bad cold, a really lousy, my head feels like it’s in a bucket head cold. Blech.

I felt the first tingle as I slip and slid on my drive home Friday in the nasty nor’easter.  Fortunately DDs play had been canceled that night so I was able to put on my jammies, fill the hot water bottle, take a cuppa tea and went directly to bed.

When I awoke, there was 14 inches of fresh snow and mounds made by plows everywhere.  What happened to spring?!

The cold was now well entrenched but I did have to get up to drop DD off 2 hours prior to the opening of the play.  This forced me into a hot steamy shower that I loathed to get out of.   I dragged myself off to the play with my STR socks in progress.  I wish I could knit in the dark, but at least I got a few rounds in waiting for the lights to go down and during intermission.

Now I must confess that I loathe the play Carousel, I hate the music, the story line (carny seduces young innocent, beats her and then after botched robbery attempt kills himself and leaves young innocent alone, pregnant and destitute)  But being the good mom, I managed to stick it out in-spite of my horrible head cold.  I will say however, there are really a lot of talented kids at the school and that made the night well worth it, but I couldn’t wait to get back to my bed.

Sunday the production was earlier and the rest of the family and a few friends were coming so I drugged myself accordingly (I love Alka-seltzer Cold Plus) and it was off to sit through the play once more.

Alas there was the cast party and cannot tell you how good that bed felt when I finally crawled in around 11:30 last night.  The sun seemed to rise much faster today but I did drag my sorry butt to work.

I did not get much knitting done this weekend.  I find when my head is full of snot I cannot seem to concentrate on anything to do with knitting – even stockinette in the round.  So instead I sat and spun the lovely grey shetland fleece.  It’s going to be lovely knit into a shawl.

At least tomorrow is a work from home day and I plan to do very little of the work part.


2 responses to “A cold in ma nose

  1. I hope you feel better real soon!

  2. I’m a complete stranger to you but stumbled upon and absolutely love your blog. You ought to write books, lady. But I was puzzled when you enthused over Carousel earlier — the story where the teenaged daughter asks the mother “Is it possible for someone to hit you and it feels like a kiss?” to which mother touches her cheek and dreamily answers ” yes . . .” remembering her late husband, the lout. I’m so relieved to hear this other opinion! And I’m glad to hear DD was fabulous in it!

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