My bad…

Well I just blew my modified knit from my stash promise.  Geeze you guys (and gals) are such ENABLERS!  SOMEONE, I won’t mention names posted that there was a sale at Knit Happens, so of course I had to check it out, thinking that I would easily resist the temptation.  I mean a yarn sale is a yarn sale right?  NOT!

With Cherry Tree Hill Sock yarn at half price, how can a girl resist?  Cascade 220 at less than $4 a skein?!  I was helpless. 

I did finish my socks knit from the Socks that Rock Club yarn Monsoon.  I did not follow the pattern provided, as it just did not sing to me.  Instead I did my standard stockinette, with a slip stitch heel.  The colors spiraled nicely and I was very happy with the results.  Pictures to follow as I forgot to grab my camera today.

I also finished spinning and plying approx. 600 yards of the grey Shetland.  There was a bit of chaff in it and it feels a bit stiff, but I haven’t soaked it to set the twist yet, and I suspect it will bloom and soften up nicely.  I still have a lot more to spin.  It appears to be a bottomless box of roving 🙂  I need to check the wpi after it drys but right now it’s approx. 16 wpi.  I am planning on knitting a traditional Shetland shawl with this and I think it will be perfect.  I will probably have enough to do a pair or two of sock as well.

I also started spinning the brown corridale.  It’s really clean and very soft.  I’m going to shoot for 12 wpi (worsted weight) so I can submit it and use it for one of the NETA SHIPS afghans to be raffled off next year.  I looks like it will be lovely too.

Pictures will follow


4 responses to “My bad…

  1. Oh, you’re such an enabler! Of course, I had to duck over to Knit Happens. No more Cherry Tree Hill, the Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock is listed, but all sold out…I did score three balls of Regia at a good price, though. Thanks for the tip! 🙂

  2. SALE? hmmm. No, I can’t risk it. I will continue to use my stash or make my own yarn. But that is wonderful. Can’t wait to see the STR. I know you are very excited about the club.

  3. Can’t wait to see what ya got!
    I made it too late for all the good stuff. but thats ok 😉

  4. Nice meeting you last night! Your STR socks look great. I too will pass on their pattern and do something else less complicated.

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