Hippo Birdie, Two Ewes

Friday we belatedly celebrated the birthday of a good friend and knitter extraordinaire Lucia.  Her hubby secretly planned a dinner outing with various knitting friends.  It was wonderful to meet some new knitting ladies and to share a bottle of wine and lovely dinner at Pappa Razzi’s.

It was hard to decided on the daily specials but I went with the seafood (mussels, calamari, scallops, shrimp) over linguine and I was not disappointed.  At the end of dinner we did whip out our knitting much to the amusement of our server.

This was the kick off to a partying weekend, who knew?!

Saturday DD insisted that she needed to go to the Mall and could not wait until tomorrow when I go knitting up in Nashua at Border’s.  I had to go grocery shopping anyhoo, so off we went but only after DD completed her chores.  And since I had a deadline to leave for a party that night – the long she took, the less time she had at the Mall.

Of course we ended up being late and I still had to make something to bring to the party (my infamous wings were out – not enough time) so I made some yummy stuffed mushrooms and head off to Nancy and Bob’s.  I ended up leaving early because it was SNOWING! hard and the roads were getting sloppy, so I headed on.

Sunday, chores then off to Border’s to Knit with blogless Karen who knits amazing children’s Aran sweaters and sells them at craft shows and Jennifer was there too.  I got to show off my STR sock club socks and I actually did take some photos, I just managed to leave the camera at home.  Soon, I promise.

I also started knitting Fetching from Knitty.com using some lovely handspun Merino and Angora and I would have had them completed too, except I ran out of yarn just as I reached the spot I knit the waste yarn for the thumb.  Buggers!  I haven’t decided what to do yet , I may just finish them off with something different and unique.

I was so disgusted I started a sock from some of my hand dyed superwash merino.  It’s navy, purple and turquoise.  It’s dark and matches my mood.

I wasn’t really in a bad mood when I first started this post… but….

Just before lunch by boss called me in to his office  (I knew raises and bonus’ were coming in this weeks pay).  I did not get a raise.  I mean seriously, I’m in the top three most of the time meeting my numbers, etc.  I have good customer satisfaction scores… the problem, my company’s policy.  Everyone has a Job Classification Number, and there is a salary range for that classification.  The only problem is that once you get above the half way mark they stop giving you Merit raises.  I lost it.  I realize my boss’ hands are tied, but he’s the one that gets to face my wrath over this stupid policy.

I know it is obvious that this company wants their senior employees to leave.  They don’t care about retaining the knowledge, they just want you out so they can bring in cheap college students fresh out of school.

So I want to know what the hel is my incentive to produce for this company anymore and why it wouldn’t just behoove me to be a big fu*ckup so that they give me the 6 months pay and take the layoff?  I think it’s quiet clear they are done with me and I guess I am now done with them.  They apparently do not appreciate my efforts.

Now I just need to find out what I want to do with the rest of my life and how I can get paid for it along with medical and dental coverage.

Oh and the bonus – we are only getting 50% of what they put us in for.  WTF?!  I’m just done.   I have 7 more months to make my ten years and to get that extra vacation, but I think it’s time to just walk away from that.


4 responses to “Hippo Birdie, Two Ewes

  1. Sorry to hear about the turn of events at work. I just have to say that you need to be cool and first make a plan on how to proceed with your life. You deserve better, but there is that songbird-rockstar that you have to pay music and theatre college courses. And then when she wants to be on Broadway and needs rent money and food, etc. You have to be patient and “it” will come. Good luck and hope to hear some good things to come.

  2. Thanks so much for the party and the hand cream! It was wonderful.

    About work, I can only say: these days one corporate master is much like another. You may be better off with the devil you know.

  3. Yuck, I’m so sorry to hear about the work situation.

  4. Gladl you enjoyed Paparazzi! Wish I coulda come, too, but there you go.

    Sorry the work crap is being crappy. Deep breaths. See you later, I hope

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