Pictures to share and Jazz Night at the Brush

I have lots of pictures to share today for change.

First up my Socks That Rock, Rockin’ Sock Club Sock.  This is my first time participating in a sock club and my first time with STR yarn.  This is there medium weigh sock yarn in the colorway Monsoon.  They really have high quality yarn and there colorways are unique and beautiful.  Now I probably would never have picked this particular blend of colors, but it grew on me.  I really liked the way the colors spiraled and pooled as I knitted this sock.  Which brings me to another confession.  With the yarn the sock club also sends a pattern to knit up in this yarn.  I started the pattern and got to the first set of cables, and this pattern just wasn’t doing it for me, so I frogged the sock and ended up knitting just a plain stockinette, and I was very pleased with the way they turned out.  So with out further ado…



 I know the photo is lousy, but it does show of the cool swirling pools and it does represent the actual color way pretty well.

 I have also been spinning.  See!


This is some of the grey shetland I received in trade for my plying head.  It did have some bits of hay but not much and it did seem a bit stiff but not scratchy.   Then I washed it to set the twist.  The water was pretty dirty so I rinsed it a few times then let it dry.  It’s wonderfully soft and just beautiful!  I couldn’t be happier with the results.  this is approx 12-14 wpi and about 600+ yards.  I still have a bit more to spin up, see!


This the box that just keeps filling up with roving. 

I’m also spinning for one of the NETA afghans, but I am working on another blog entry to share all that..

Oh! tonight, if you are in the neighborhood and in the mood to hear some great Jazz.  Check out this!

Jazz Night at the Brush Art Gallery



I’ll be there (with my knitting).  Hope some of you can make it.  Oh and BTW, the $8 covers all the wine and appetizers you want!  Such a deal!











8 responses to “Pictures to share and Jazz Night at the Brush

  1. I think your STR socks look very nice. And I wish I could go to Jazz Night, too.

  2. Your socks are great!

    Actually, I think that the colorway looks much nicer in stockinetter. Personnally I love the pattern, but it is simply too busy in these colors to really appreciate either the colors or the cables.


  3. Love the socks and the handspun 🙂
    Now I know what my socks will look like( I plan to not use the pattern either)

  4. Your socks are great! I’m not using the pattern either. 🙂

  5. The handspun and the socks are great! I’m with you and not overly crazy about the club sock pattern. Nice to know I won’t be alone in doing a plain stockinette pair.

  6. I made the socks with the ribbing but omitted the cables and like them a lot. I believe that if I’m going to put all that work into cables they should be visible. They just don’t stand out enough in variagated yarn.
    Good thing there aren’t any yarn police for all us non-conformists 😉

  7. Your socks look great, and I love the way the colors came out. I knitted the pattern, and I love mine too. It’s just great yarn.

  8. The socks came out lovely in! I’ve had a few people offer to send me some leftovers so I think that I will have enough to make the Inside Out socks long enough for my liking – I’ll probably start next week.

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