Is there such a thing as the perfect sweater?

I think I mentioned that I finished knitting the lovely grey cardigan… only it’s doesn’t fit me, but it fits DD perfectly.  I actually considered letting her have it for a moment, but then after she wore it once I found it crumpled under a pile of her stuff in the hallway.  It was quickly reclaimed and there is no way I can possibly let her have it.  All that stockinette on size 3’s?!  I just can’t do it.


I will try to block it out to fit, but I am not optimistic and to be honest I really don’t think I want to knit this sweater again.

So, now I am in search of the perfect sweater pattern.  Being a ‘big’ girl I hate most of the larger or plus size patterns.  Most of them are either too boxy or too trendy.  I want a classic comfy, hang around on Saturday sweater.  I am even considering using the grey shetland I’ve been spinning to knit this perfect sweater.

I almost finished the pair of Fetching fingerless gloves from  I was knitting them with my handspun merino/angora.  Really nice…. but wouldn’t you know it! I ran out just as I got to the thumb – I think I have a bit more roving tucked somewhere that maybe I can eeek out just enough to finish these.  I appear to be batting ZERO this week.

I did finish spinning, plying and setting the twist of the brown corriedale.  It spun up nicely and bloomed beautifully.  I even finished knitting the square for the NETA Spinning for SHIPS afghan.  It’s currently being blocked and as soon as it’s dry I’ll post a photo.  I even spun enough for a second square and will be sending that off to a volunteer knitter of another square.  Then I’m done with that.

Here’s the square.


Here’s a pic of the left over skein of the corriedale


I am anxiously anticipating the second installment of my Rockin

 Socks That Rock Club stuff.  In the meantime I’m knitting up some sock yarn I dyed eons ago for the Dye-O-Rama Swap and kept for myself 🙂   The funny thing is that the stuff I dyed and kept closely resembled the yarn I got in the swap – LOL! 

I also recieved the box o’ yarn that I ordered from the Knit Happens Sale from last week.  The Cascade 220 is a lovely coppery color and I am considering knitting a sort of test sweater in this.  The CTH sock yarns are awesome too.  The new sock patterns from Cookie, this one and this one, will look spectacular knit up in the CTH sock yarn.

Now that my taxes are done and the return is now safely in my account, I feel the urge to to purchase a drum carder…  and lots of fleece to card with it.  I’m not sure I can justify the expense, at least not yet.  But if I were to make this investment, I would greatly appreciate it if anyone is currently using drum carder, if you would let me know what kind and model and what you love and hate about it.  Thanks. 

Shoot I was all set to blow my tax return on a drum carder but then I had to go and see this!  I could sit in this spot forever knitting and napping, napping and knitting. 


4 responses to “Is there such a thing as the perfect sweater?

  1. The grey sweater is gorgeous! I hope you can block it to fit.

  2. It is a lovely sweater. Thank goodness you recovered it. I hope that you find the right sweater pattern. I think that is the reason why I haven’t knit myself a sweater. I can’t find something to fit me just right. I can’t help with the decision of Drum Carder or Recliner. But that sure does look comfy, But fiber can be blended and blended, then spun. But it can be spun while in that recliner. Oh, decisions, decisions.

  3. The grey sweater is beatiful! I’m glad that you recovered it before any real damage was done!

  4. I really hope you acan block your sweater to fit! Its lovely.

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