Ever wonder how Easter got bunnies, and eggs?  Hmmm it may have something to do with this being a pagan fertility holiday that was ‘incorporated’ into the ‘other’ religion to try and fool the pagans once again.

So off we went on Sunday to Grandma and Grampa’s for family dinner.  I made deviled eggs, roasted asparagus, and pineapple upside down cake to go with the ham dinner.  There were no family drama’s to report.  All the children were well behaved.  This may have something to do with the fact that they are all teenagers now and no longer get huge baskets filled with enough candy to put them into a sugar coma. I was going to bake Julie’s cheddar biscuits, but I just didn’t have enough time, so I am saving them for soup – yes I called dibs on the ham bone!  I think the cheddar biscuits will be yummy with the soup.

Friday nights and Saturday morning I did get some spinning done.  I’m trying to finish up the grey shetland.  Since after washing, the yarn bloomed to Fingering/DK weight I’ve decided to do a basic shell patterned shawl.  I’m not sure if I will have enough of the grey shetland.  I’ve decided to add some stripes of left over brown corriedale and some creamy white finn.  

I’m still in the planning/designing phases of the perfect sweater, but I should like to get started on that soon.  I did manage to finish a pair of socks last week.

Remember this from Dye-O-Rama?

Night Shade.jpg

 I finished off knitting up a pair of socks.  Very pretty and very utilitarian.  I need to start something with a little lace.  Methinks Thelonius  should do the trick quite nicely.

I also ordered and received 2 lbs of superwash roving.  I keep hoping the weather will warm up so that I can do some dyeing.  I want to spin up some more sock yarn. 

Next week my Mom is off to visit my brother in New Mexico – It’s his turn.  Of course this means darling sister and I will have to take turns keeping tabs on Dad while she’s gone.  He really cannot cook for himself as the last couple of times she was gone he almost set the house on fire.   I’ll be taking down some soup I’m sure.  He can just microwave that. 

Remember my search for the perfect sweater.  What do you think of this!?  It will require a better understanding and more experience with cables, and I’ve never installed a zipper into a knitted sweater.  It looks like a big commitment but I just love, love, LOVE the collar.


6 responses to “Ostera

  1. Well I can’t wait to see the socks. I think that your idea of adding other yarns to your shawl will be an interesting contrast. I hope your Mom has a wonderful time in New Mexico. Good luck on the perfect sweater. I think the cardigan is lovely. It might be a great challenge to take on. Can’t wait to see more of your creations.

  2. I absolutely love that sweater! I have looked at it several times thinking I’d like to make it, but haven’t gotten around to it yet.

  3. That sweater is beautiful. I like the pullover version.

    To be fair to the early Christians, sometimes they synched their festivals with the pagan ones so as not to be persecuted for deviating from the official (pagan) state religion.

  4. Wow, have you been busy! Love love the Dye-o-rama colors. Also love your grey sweater from your last post – that truly sucks about the sizing, you did a beautiful job and I’m sure it was a ton of work on those little needles.

  5. I was torn between the Eris and the Rogue but I ended up buying Rogue because I’m a member of the Hoodie Generation. I think it was the only clothing I consistently wore in college – my FSC hoodie and jeans, with either Birks or cheap sneakers. 🙂

    I’m glad to hear that your family celebrations were peaceful. The teenagers in my family are all boys on the Paolilli side and are all rock musicians of one sort or another (two of them have a local band with a minor record deal – The Outside Inn), so every family gathering involves LOUD live music coming from the basement of whomever’s house we’re at. Grace would love it. 🙂 Which is not to say that I’m volunteering to take her on holidays. Don’t get any ideas. 😉

  6. While doing some random knitting/spinning blogsurfing I discovered your quest for a decent jumper pattern http://www.patons.biz/publication_details.asp?SelID=115&ID=993&name=1250
    is a link to a patons (Australia) pattern book with nice, basic and slightly funky jumpers – thought it might be handy, my knitting friends and I all own the book and love the jumpers.

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