Ode to Opening Day

We’ve waited all winter, withstood snow and cold
Thru free agent signings for millions in gold.
“Play ball”, “Batter up”, the umpire will yell,
Peanuts and crackerjacks the vendors will sell.
Like Bogey has said with panache and glitz,
“A hot dog at the ballpark beats roast beef at the Ritz!”

Baseball: ‘Ode to Opening Day by Mark H. Young

It’s a bit chilly for opening day at Fenway Park, even so, it’s a sure sign of spring.  GO RED SOX!

Tonight is Spinning night at he Westford Museum.  I hope to finish up the grey shetland and get it plied.  I cannot figure out how fast some of you seem to spin up your roving and fleece.  It seems to take me forever.

Apparently the owner of the other side of the duplex we share, left a 50 lb. bag of birdseed in his basement.  That would explain the scratching I heard in the attic over my head last night just as I was nodding off.  It would appear we have mice.  At least the cats are keeping them at bay in the living quarters of my side of the house.  I’ve emailed him and left messages to please get the birdseed out.  For now I’ve bought a bunch of yucky traps to set around the birdseed, and to place in the attic.  I’m soooo not looking forward to finding any rodents up close and personal but it must be done before we are inundated with critters or varmints as Mitt likes to call them.  Does this make me a hunter?

For now I’ll just dream of a winning season, spinning and no more scratching in the ceiling.


2 responses to “Ode to Opening Day

  1. Here’s a thought. Have HIM go into the basement and your attic to deal with the rodents that are caught. It’s his fault…he should accept some responsibility, not to mention paying for the exterminator.

  2. Isn’t it his responsibility to provide rodent-free premises even if it’s not his birdseed?

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