No whining

I really want to whine.  I have another head/sinus thing.  The second in as many months.  My head feels like it’s in a bucket, my hearing is muffled… and the snot… well lets not go there.

This cold had me flat out over the weekend.  I was so lethargic I couldn’t even concentrate longer than a nanosecond to knit.  Maybe if I had started something benign, but I didn’t want to start something either.

Instead I watched a marathon of Robin Hood.  It was just benign enough tolerate between naps.

I finally did get some energy up and started on the Thelonious socks in Meilenweit MegaBoots Stretch Soft color 507.  I wasn’t sure if this pattern was going to be too complicated for my feeble brain to deal with, but once I got into the rhythmof the pattern  and grokked it I was ok.  I actually managed to complete the leg chart for the large size.  I really love this pattern and think I will do another pair in the CTH Wild Cherry Supersock I recently acquired.

I also managed to swatch for the Eris Sweater.  I’m still debating whether to do the cardigan or pullover.  I’m leaning cardigan right now.  I would love to do this in handspun eventually, but I think I will do it up first in the Copper/Rust Cascade 220 I have.  I’m still slogging through the pattern to get a handle on this pattern.  To say it’s extremely documented is not a stretch.  I suspect it could have been condensed a bit.  To me a well written knitting pattern is like well written code.    This is not the case with this sweater.  To look at it you wouldn’t think it would require a 40 page pattern.

I have done no spinning at all, but plan to this weekend.  The weather is supposed to finally break and spring is supposed to return.  If I get some yard work done then I just might drag out the dyeing pots and do some dyeing.  Speaking of dyeing.  I was turned on to this site recently – I love this site.  It’s giving me lots of inspiration for new colorways and combinations to try.  I must be feeling better or the Alka Seltzer Cold Plus just kicked in.

I am very disturbed about the killings at Virginia Tech.  I’m also disturbed by the death and destruction in Iraq.  I just don’t get it.  I don’t understand it.  None of it makes any sense from any perspective.  My heart aches for the victims, the families and my heart even aches for the disturbed young man that wreaked such havoc and hurt so many.  How can someone in that much pain be surrounded by so many people and even some who saw the pain and tried to help, get to that point?  It just doesn’t compute for me.  My heart aches for him and his family too.

On a brighter note.  Employee Satisfaction Survey started today.  Yes, I ranted there too.


3 responses to “No whining

  1. rants and vents are allowed on these cloudy days. I had my share of it lately too. There is so much to say, and a lot of sad feelings for what is happening in this world.

    Thanks for the colourlovers. I will definitely check it out during my next dye day.

    Happy Knitting and Spinning!

  2. Glad to hear the Alka’s kicking in. What is “grokked?”

  3. I love the Robin Hood series. In fact, now that I get BBC America, it’s one of the few channels I watch (Turner Classic Movies being one of the others).

    Sinus headaches are awful – I get them frequently this time of year.

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