Rant On

I’m sick and tired of the unending coverage of the tragedy, massacre, rampage, at Virginia Tech.  Yes, it’s sad that a mentally ill man lost it and went on a rampage killing so many innocent and beautiful people.

But I am sick of the media’s dissection asking how could “we”, I assume it’s the collective WE, could have stopped or prevented this. 

Here’s a novel idea.  BAN GUNS and AMMUNITION!

Elayne Boosler has an interesting commentary in today’s Huffington Post, check it out here

Now I know many of you think that this is a direct violation of your constitutional rights…  but what the hell, this administrations already pissed all over our constitution for their agenda and purposes.  And especially in light of yesterdays Supreme Court decision, that pissed all over a woman’s right to determine her own fate and control over her own body,  I see no reason now why ‘we’ at the very least cannot start limiting the use, sale and ownership of some guns.

If you want to hunt, do you really need a semi-automatic gun with a mega clip of ammunition?

This is just common sense people.

So instead of running in circles, trying to figure out who to blame for this tragedy, how about taking a step back, and assigning the blame where it belongs, on a sad, sick Mr. Cho and the laws of our country that allowed him to legally obtain weapons of mass destruction.

Rant off.

And we now take you back to your regularly scheduled blog….


One response to “Rant On

  1. I don’t agree with the idea of banning guns, but I, too, am sick of hearing about it. To me, the guy was admitted to a psychiatric facility. There are some courts who usually revoke gun privileges after such an event occurs. This may be a backlog of the court system or not enough financing of sheriff’s departments to revoke guns or maybe a need for a law that says if you were in a psychiatric facility you should have your gun rights removed. But I think if we ban all the guns, then only power hungry people who act as fascists would have them, and that’s a dangerous situation.

    I also was mad about the Supreme Court’s decision and the Bush Administration, but I don’t think we need to then reciprocate by saying, well, if you remove our Constitutional rights, then we will too!

    This type pf tragedy has happened before, unfortunately, and will likely happen again. Could someone, anyone, have paid any attention to someone screaming for help, albeit silently? Maybe that’s how “we” could have stopped this tragedy.

    Just my $0.02, for what they’re worth.

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