S is for…

Spring.  It appears to have finally sprung around here.  It’s going to get up into the 60s today and all weekend! Finally!

Sun.  The sun has finally come out to warm us up and bring out the daffodils.

Sinus.  I hate snotty sinus colds.  Hopefully this weekend if I cannot bend over without pain to do yard work then I guess I’ll just have to sit in a lawn chair and bake in the sun.

Socks,  I’m knitting away on my Thelonius socks.  Although my foot is longer than the pattern ‘Large’ and it’s unclear what to do in the pattern, so I’m just fudging it.  Pray that it comes out.  Right now my head is too snotty to think clearly.

And finally (I cannot think of an S for this) – Maybe ‘So’ Cool?

Tonight I am taking DD to Berklee School of Music to see ROCKRGRL give Fanny the Woman of Valor Award.  This is doubly cool since June (from Fanny) is one of the co-founders and directors of the Rock Camp for Girls that Grace has been going to for the last three summers. 


4 responses to “S is for…

  1. Have fun tonight. And I hope you feel better.

  2. S is for snot or sinuses. Glad it’s warming up in your area. We have finally seen some sunshine today.

  3. S is for Sincerely hoping you’re feeling better by now. Also for Sorry, but I’ll miss snb on Wed, have to work.

  4. Spring does bring on the sinus issues! I’ve already had 1 Zpack and it’s not even May yet. I’m so jealous of everyone who is finished their STR for February! I’m still lollygagging along!

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