At last! Spring!

What a weekend.  In-spite of being sick with the snot head.  DD and I managed to drive into Boston Friday night.  As I am heading towards the Prue tunnel to exit for the Berklee Performing Arts center, I realize I can see the lights at Fenway… aren’t the Yankee’s in town? Shit… I’m never going to find parking.

But we did and it only cost me an arm and half a leg, but it was worth every penny.

We managed to arrive before the show started and even got to wave at June who was bouncing off the walls with excitement. 

Here’s a look at the article in the Boston Globe.

The best part of the whole evening was seeing June and Jean and Alice rock out.  Those chicks can still shred.  We were literally dancing in the aisles!

DD even got a shout out when June was speaking and after they had run the video of the Rock Camp.  Too cool.  I was so proud of her.

It was really good for DD to see that women can succeed in the music business.  Sure it’s not an easy life, but there is just no denying her talent and drive in this area.  It’s her calling and of course her choice.  It was also good to hear how much Berklee is recruiting young women too. 

Saturday, was kind of a blur.  Things did get done, and I did get a nap. I even spun a little, but didn’t knit.

Sunday… let’s just say Mom came up loaded for bear.  Bitched at my neighbor who owns the other half of the house and is working hard to get it fixed up so his mother can move in.  Then she started in on me.  Blaming ME! for neighbor being “lazy” and that I always choose lazy men”  WTF?! If I wasn’t in such a horrible mood I would have laughed, so she left and we are currently not speaking.  As if I chose to live next door to this guy and as if I have any say over what he does or doesn’t do.   Now I have to find away to apologize to my neighbor while asking for his half of the trash removal, winter snowplowing, ant etermination cost and condo insurance bills that I have paid.  Silence is bliss.  Yes, I did warn my sister not to answer her phone when the caller id says “Mom”!  

I did manage to drag my butt to knitting at Border’s on Sunday.  I did finish one of my Thelonius socks and it looks awesome.

I also managed to pick up a bunch of easter egg dye kits cheap, I mean really cheap and did some dyeing of superwash merino fiber from Henry’s Attic.

Check out the pics.


Steaming in the pot


Roving hanging out to dry


I cannot wait to see it spun up now 🙂


One response to “At last! Spring!

  1. The rovings are fantastic. I can’t wait to see them spun up. You are inspiring me to break out the dyes.

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