Friday Funny

Now THIS  is funny.  I just had to share that.

This week has actually been a busy week fiberwise.  Monday was play with dye day.  Wednesday was knit with Java Room buddies evening, and last night was Spin with the ladies of Westford.

So I know you are dying to know what’s on the needles these day.

I started the Eris using the Cascade 220 I got for a steal.  I’m finally ‘getting’ the pattern, I hope think.  I also got my STR Rock’in Sock Club yarn yesterday.  This stuff is gorgeous!  Silkie a merino and silk blend.  It’s almost too nice for socks.  I also like the pattern this month.  I’m trying not to post any spoilers at this point too.

I also finished spinning all the grey shetland and have two full bobbins to ply.  But not wanting to ply at Thursday night spinning meeting, I started spinning up some of the Henry’s Attic merino superwash I dyed on Monday.  This is nice stuff!  I’m practicing trying to get thinner singles.  Because PurlyQ who spins like cobweb thin has inspired me.  She brought her lovelies for show and tell.  Check out her shawl that she spun uber thin singles and then double plied then knit into THIS!  The picture does not do this justice.  It’s is spectacular and everyone last night is pushing encouraging her to enter this into the NH Sheep and Wool Festival.  So Purly Q if you are reading this go here and fill out the form now!  I can only aspire to this level of spinning.

Tomorrow I think DD and I will venture down to the CT Sheep and Wool Festival.  The weather prediction looks ok for Saturday and hopefully the showers won’t come until late afternoon with a bit o’ luck.  I hope to see some of you down there.


3 responses to “Friday Funny

  1. Oh my! Thank you so much! You are too sweet. I am so grateful for the push, errr . . . encouragement. I will definitely take a look at the registration and do it. Thanks for the support. Have fun at CT S&W. I can’t wait to see the goodies you get.

  2. I have never spun any super wash. Does it spin well or handle any differently than untreated fiber?

  3. thanks for the link – LAO, now, of course. I got my STR too and keep forgetting to blog about it, just as well perhaps because I am also congentially unable to recall that I’m not supposed to describe it or show pics or any of the stuff I would probably just DO.

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