Spring Green

Spring Green was always one of my favorite crayola crayon colors.  There is something magical about this color.  On grey spring days, after a long grey and dreary winter, it just screams “new life”.  Then on sunny spring mornings, it seems to glow from within.  Add to that the profuse splashes of yellow forsythia, pink cherry blossoms and sprays of daffodils; you know that the circle of life has finally come into its rebirth cycle.   As Martha would say, “It’s a good thing.”I spent the day cleaning out some flower beds and uncovering the columbine and bleeding hearts that are popping up.  My hydrangea vine is going to town and the blue hydrangea plant appears to have survived the winter as well.  Even the iris is coming up strong.Speaking of color – check out the Pantone 2007 fall color way here.  These colors are perfect for me.

I also spent part of the day spinning up Madeline (alpaca), and last night plied about 350 yds. (2-ply) lace weight (more or less).  I had to wash the skein several times to get all the dirt out, but this morning, the almost dried skein came with me so that I could share it with the knitting group this evening.  It actually feels like cashmere.  This has to be the softest fiber I’ve ever spun.   I cannot wait to knit it up into a luscious shawl.

I also managed to do a few rows of the Erin collar.  It’s slow going but starting to take shape.

And last but not least I wish you all a very Blessed Beltane. 


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