That magical time of day…

is that moment when the full moon is setting into the west, while the sky in the east gets pink and bright as the sun starts to rise. 

Yes, I did manage to get up at o’dark thirty this morning and DD is now on the bus and on her way to Toronto with the rest of the chorus and band.  I’m sure they will have lots of fun.

I also took a leap of faith and got DD her first credit card.  Well not really a credit card, an American Express Cheque Card.  I figured it would be easier for her to get some loonies and toonies from an ATM and still be able to use it as a credit card.  There is limit however (it’s funded but can be recharged by me at any time).  I’m just praying now that she doesn’t come home with $300 of penny candy or something pierced or tattooed.  For insurance I promised that any funds that were not spent would be put towards a new bass guitar.

I did manage to make it to knitting at the Java Room for a couple of hours last night.  I did have to leave early to get DD’s stuff ironed and packed.  But I did get to pass around the alpaca I spun – definitely fiber porn. 


Just in case any of you are planning to go to some of the upcoming fiber events. 

I am not going to MSWF, boo-hoo. 

I am planning on going to the NHSW on Saturday the 12th of May.  Let me know if the bloggers are meeting and where.  Last time it was so miserable and rainy and I didn’t have specifics.   

I also have a confirmed reservation for The Harlot’s arrival at Webs the end of the month.  I even scheduled the day off so we could leave earlier and get some shopping in ahead of time.  Now I just have to plan what to start knitting and what to take with me when the Harlot hits town, socks of course, but which ones.  Hmmm I wonder if I can finish the Eris in time to wear it (smacks head! what are you crazy!)


4 responses to “That magical time of day…

  1. A good American piercing parlor will only charge about $50-$75 at the most for a nontraditional (i.e. not earlobe, upper cartilage single hole or nose) piercing… but a safety pin to the eyebrow is free, as Grace already knows. 🙂 😉

  2. A bass guitar that bribe would work around my house, if she isn’t 18 you’d need to sign a release for a tattoo, not sure about a piercing.

  3. That is a clever idea about the credit card. It will definitely be an indication as to whether she can handle a real one. I must file that away for future use. I can’t wait to see your new handspun. I wish your dd a safe and fun trip.

  4. It was great to see you! And a blessed Beltaine to you as well (you spell it your way, I’ll spell it mine).

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