Bringing home the gold and all the trophies…

Okay.  How many of you when you read that I had given DD an AMEX Cheque Card thought she would lose it before she got onto the bus?  Wrong!  So just for the record in case there were wagers occurring, she actually didn’t lose it until Saturday night.   Fortunately she was able to cancel it and they are shipping her a new one.  I’m so glad I didn’t get any of those other prepaid cards.  American Express Customer Service is just the best.

Now for the gold.  Yes, both the Chorus and the Band brought home the Gold and ALL the trophies.  Good news right?  Except they were the ONLY school that showed up for the competition.  I have no idea what the back story is but it should be interesting.   We’ll take gold anyway we can get it.   At least the kids had a great time.

I did almost nothing major all weekend – I did do some yard work.  My hydrangea are going to town as are the iris.  And I spent a good deal of time spinning.  I’ve almost finished plying a bunch of the grey Shetland that I am spinning up.  It looks like it will be lace or fingering weight by the time it’s plied.  I was surprised at how soft this is spinning up.  It is quite unexpected.  The fleece itself seems more coarse, but it’s spinning up much softer than I expected.  This will make something lovely for sure, and I need to spin some more of that alpaca soon too.  Now I know why people have more than one spinning wheel!


2 responses to “Bringing home the gold and all the trophies…

  1. I actually hadn’t thought of her losing it — I was wondering how long it would take her to call you and ask for a reload. Clearly she is spiritual kin to Miss B.

    Being the only team to show up is kind of a bummer, except of course for the part about taking home all the loot.

  2. Well, 90% of life is showing up, as Woody Allen used to say. Good for the kiddo, anyhoo.

    Hope they had a great time in Toronto, and that the mom batteries are re-charged to face another day.

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