Mr. Rocky’s Big Adventure

UPDATE:  There apparently will be a bloggers meetup Saturday at the NH Sheep and Wool Festival.

 From Carole’s blog

blogger meet up at NH Sheep & Wool at Noon on Saturday outside the Roby Building, in the area facing the Goat Barn. Be there or be square.” 

Rocky is our male Tuxedo kitty.  He’s probably around 5 or 6 now and he’s a sweet timid cat with a heart shaped black spot right on the end of his nose.  We rescued him from a local shelter after seeing his photo on   I think he had been loved but also abused because he was so submissive and timid when we first brought him home.  But soon he became DD’s familiar and totally her cat.

Well apparently ‘someone’ left a small window open behind the couch and left the screen open as well for who knows how long.  But yesterday afternoon when DD got home from school she realized that Mr. Rocky was missing.  We searched the entire house, attic to cellar, no Rocky.  I had not seen him all day, so we were not sure how long he had been gone.

Both of our cats (Spirit and Rocky) are declawed rescues and totally indoor cats.  Spirit is so old (not sure exactly but think maybe 15 years give or take) and you could leave an open door next to her and she wouldn’t even stick her nose out to check it out.  So this was scary and DD was hysterical.

She made up some quick posters, and we headed off to scan the neighborhood, and to leave flyers around.  We hit all the surrounding roads, and thankfully found no cat carcasses on the side of the roads.  But no Rocky.

It was getting dark, so we set out some food, and DD set up her sleeping bag in the backroom next to the screen sliders and finally fell asleep.  I was up on and off all night, trying to listen for Rocky’s little mewing noises and took an occasional stroll from window to window to see if he had returned.  I finally nodded off fitfully around 2:30AM.

At 5:30 AM DD comes running into my room with guess who!?  Apparently she was awakened to the sound of Spirit hissing at the back door and lo and behold there was Mr. Rocky.  We don’t know where he was or what he was doing, but we were very glad to have him home safe and sound.  He wolfed down some food and immediately went up on a pile of junk in DD’s room and promptly fell fast asleep.

I really wish I could see inside his head and know exactly what he had been up-to.  I’m sure, however, it was some big adventure.

I did go to Java Room knitting for a bit, but ended up ripping out the little bit I did while I was there, and had to leave early to calm down hysterical child.  I’m knitting a simple shawl from the lovely Alpaca Madeline, it should be lovely, but my mind just couldn’t stay focused last night.

I think DD has a bath planned for Mr. Rocky this afternoon when she gets home from school – hehehe serves him right, and I plan on going to bed immediately after dinner.

Oh I am going up to NH Sheep and Wool with Lovely Lucia and Ruth  on Saturday.  I hope to see you there.


4 responses to “Mr. Rocky’s Big Adventure

  1. That’s a scary thing. We’ve tried to let one of our four be an indoor/outdoor cat, because he wants it to badly, but he always gets his butt kicked, so indoor cat he is. It doesn’t stop him from making a break for it, though. Hopefully, Rocky’s adventure was enough to last him a lifetime. 🙂

  2. Thank goodness. When our black Achilles was about 3 months old, an indoor cat up until then, he snuck out one morning and spent a whole day out in the cold rain; luckily he chose to hole up under our front stoop, whence we rescued him in the evening.

  3. Sounds like Spirit was telling him off when he returned, too! So glad he’s okay, it’s scary out there for domestic cats.

    Bill and I are going up to Sheep & Wool on Saturday. Carole ( announced a blogger’s meet-up for Saturday, at noon, outside the Roby Building and facing the Goat Barn. Hope to see you!

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