Road Trip!

There is nothing like a road trip with good friends sans kids and significant others, lively conversation, a destination that promises lots of fiber, lots of laughs and a beautiful sunny day.

Yesterday I played hooky with some friends (Lucia, Jena, and Jennifer) and we of course started the adventure with a brief stint of knitting in the sun on my back deck.  Once we were all assembled we were off and heading west.


We arrived in Northampton around 3:00- 3:30pm. I think we weren’t really paying much attention to the time at this point.

We found a great parking spot and headed off to explore Northampton since we had plenty of time before the doors of the Calvin Theater opened at 5:00pm. 

I think we got about 100 yards when we found ourselves standing in front of  Northampton Wools  and lovely yarn shop and of course I did find some really funky fun yarn that jumped into my arms and I think is destined to become a bag.



I don’t have photos of the additions to my stash – later I promise!

We then found a neat paper store to check out and since we had a little time left before 5pm we decided to find a cool place to hang out, knit and perhaps imbibe in some refreshments.

The Toasted Owl seemed to fit the bill nicely.  My margarita was awesome.



We them meandered over to the Calvin, a bit more relaxed and ready to see The Yarn Harlot  sponsored by Webs.  The line wrapped around and into the ally but it moved quickly.

Upon arrival they handed out bags with donated yarn and knitting needles for us to knit squares for Warm Up America.  I actually got one done while listening to the Harlot!  The yarn was really nice Debbie Bliss Cashmerino no less!  These are going to make some nice blankets!  Check out the crowd.




Stephanie was hilarious as usual.  And Webs and the crowd of several hundred made her feel right at home.  Webs even brought her out a beer on stage in case she got thirsty.  And not just any old beer but a good local microbrew no less!  We all know how Stephanie likes her beer!



During Q&A both Lucia and Jena got up to ask questions and make observations (I’ll let them blog about that).  But it was very funny.  You must go read Jena’s blog about flashing your knitting at ATM cameras 🙂 Brillant!

After that, it was off to Webs to get books signed (we had a time slot of 7:45).  I think everyone had a time slot of 7:45… because we got in line right away and didn’t get to Stephanie until around 9:00pm!  But I have to say the Web people were awesome.  They kept bring out cups of cold water.  Even with the air conditioning cranked it was pretty hot as the line snaked through the warehouse.  Of course this also meant there was plenty of time to ‘shop’ along the way.

I snagged some Gedfira sock yarn (no pics yet) and Malabrigo LACE weight in this bright lovely yellow.  I think poor Jennifer was just so overwhelmed by all the yarn she couldn’t buy anything.


After we finally all got our purchases and books signed and of course the obligatory group photo with the Harlot.  We went back to the Toasted Owl for some food and then it was back to the car and home.

What a great time.  I really could get used to not working.  I think I might need to win the lottery or find myself a sugar daddy.


5 responses to “Road Trip!

  1. Thanks for driving! It was great fun. Now I need a nap. Getting old? Moi?

  2. What a great way to spend the afternoon/evening! I love moseying around paper stores.

    I’m drooling just looking at those cones behind your group.

  3. Looks like you guys had fun!


  4. It looks like a perfect road trip to me.

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