Two Steps Back

Sometimes we all need to just stop and take two steps back.

I was planning to drive up to Fiber Frolic this weekend but after looking around at my messy house, unfinished yard work, and the pile-o-stash in the back room that I haven’t put away into the stash closet yet, I decided that it was probably a better idea to stay home this weekend and get some chores done.  It’s so hard to be responsible sometimes.

So here is my to-do list for this weekend.

1) finish trimming the shrubbery (I did get a new extension cord thank you very much)

2) spread the lawn stuff on the lawn – this is for weeds and bugs… although doing this may also destroy any green that is out there., but then again that means no mowing too 🙂

3) power wash the back deck

4) clean the kitchen floor – hmmm I wonder if I can use the power washer indoors… probably not.

5) wash alpaca fleece(s) – do not use power washer for this project.

6) sort through and put away recent fiber purchases that aren’t going to used in the immediate future.  Will she or won’t she be able to stuff fit this into the fiber closet.

7) clean the backroom

8) spin some more of that luscious dark grey Shetland.

9) felt that purse.

10) start swatching for Mystery Stole #3 – I know I have a skein of Skacel Merino Laceweight in Black that will be perfect for this mystery project, unfortunately that requires that I do numbers 6 and 7 on the list first.  I know it’s somewhere in that pile.  Maybe I’ll do before and after pics of this.

11) watch Marie Antoinette DVD from Netflicks that has been sitting on my kitchen table for two weeks.

12) The Soprano’s – I cannot miss the very last episode of the Soprano’s.  I’m not sure what the final episode will bring us.  There are four possibilities, Tony gets whacked is the most likely one, but also the one they seem to be leading us into thinking.  Then there is the possibility that Tony goes to jail.  Or perhaps Tony goes into the witness protection program, or last but not least Tony wakes up and realizes he’s that salesman that sold the bum equipment to the nuns (remember him from when he had his heart attack?).  I suspect he’s going to get whacked and it’s probably going to look like something out of Scarface.

So with all this on my plate this weekend – Fiber Frolic will just have to go on without me this year.  Sigh.

Wait until DD sees her to-do list this weekend 🙂


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