Girls just wanna have fun!

True Colors Tour(aka Gaystock) was a blast.

The Gossip opened with a kick butt set.  Followed by our home grown Dresden Dolls.  We love Amanda. 


Rufus Wainwright was awesome and a bit mellow.  Then Debby Harrywas up.  I wish she had done at least a couple of Blonde hits, but she looks great.  Man I wish I had her legs!  Then Erasure blew the roof off, Andy Bell really put on a show and got the crowd on it’s feet.  Margaret Cho emceed the show and was hilarious.  The last but not least Cyndi Lauper.  I cannot believe all the energy she has.  What a show.



These are my friend Libbie’s pics, DD brought a disposible and we are waiting for those pics to come back.

Here’s Libbie and Mike



One response to “Girls just wanna have fun!

  1. Awesome! I’ve heard from most that it’s a great show! LOL at the pic of Mike and Libbie. Typical 🙂
    I have dozens of pics of them sticking their fingers up each other’s noses, etc.

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