There were three in the bed…

and the little one said, “roll over, roll over”, so they all rolled over and Grace and I fell out. 

Let’s just say the weekend at the Cape did not go as planned.  We had a lovely day Saturday and left that evening instead of staying over and getting to spend another day with Jeffrey and my brother.  Why? because my inconsiderate brother-in-law decided to show up Saturday evening with HIS relatives, when they were not expected until Sunday.

 This is why I will never, ever, never, ever, ever remarry.   Inevitably there is a failure to communicate, for various reasons that are impossible for outsiders to comprehend.  But lets just say my sister bitched about hubby all the way down to the Cape Saturday morning and I believe they had some issues to deal with and Grace and I got caught in the crossfire.  For some reason hubby has decided he’s not ‘comfortable’ with my family around.    So not wishing to stay where we were not welcome and not wishing to spend the night on a lumpy, smelly old sofa, we left.


But before that, we had a blast on the beach, we played miniature golf and we ate the most delicious lobster rolls for dinner with fries and beers.  So all was not wasted.

It would have been nice to have stayed another day, but let’s just say, we won’t be going down again anytime soon, at least not when a**h*** B-I-L is around. 

I did very little knitting, as I seem to have misplaced my knitting pouch with all my sock needles, measuring tape, scissors, stitch markers, etc.  I know it has to be around somewhere, but damn this is the SECOND one I’ve lost.

The area around the front of the house got weeded and mulched.  My neighbor’s brothers were moving their mom in and doing yard work too, so they took down some branches that were hanging low over the driveway.  It really opens the front of the house.  The elderly Ms. K has finally moved in next door.  Now I just need to keep DD from her loud hissy fits and mouth like a trucker outbursts.  Did I mention I hate teen-aged girls?

Please let this week improve over this past weekend!

Note to self:  No more hand knit socks for brother-in-law.


5 responses to “There were three in the bed…

  1. Awww, shucks! I am sorry that it didn’t turn out as planned, but you did get to spend time with your family. Every second is wonderful– except when with AHBIL. Your dd looks lovely, even if she is a reincarnation of a trucker. Her haircut and color is darling.

  2. What a turd! NOW he decides that he can’t deal with your family? You’d think after all these years he’d be used to ya’ll.

    I can’t believe how big Jeffrey is getting! Looks like he’s going to be tall like the weiner.

  3. What a jerk!
    Before now, I somehow had the thought in my head that your b-i-l and sister were no longer together or something. Now I know why you rarely mention him! How stupid that he not only brought a bunch of people ahead of schedule but then had the nerve to say that you make him uncomfortable. You are FAMILY. Even if you make him uncomfortable (and he’s clearly the ass in this situation, so I’m not saying he’s right) it doesn’t matter – you are FAMILY. That’s why you tolerate *him*, right?

    At least the weekend was not a total loss… and I’m sure you and DD had more fun than you would have if you stuck around being stuck with the moron and his crew.

  4. What a jackass! (Your B-I-L)

  5. I’m sorry your BIL behaved poorly and because of it your nice weekend was cut short.

    I hope his socks felt enough so that Jeffrey can have them. BIL is not merino sock-worthy…

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