Margaritas on a steamy summer night

The weather has turned beastly hot and humid.  So if any knitting or spinning is to be done, it’s either in my air conditioned bedroom, or in the 3 season (back) room with all the windows open and ceiling fan whirling.

Grace decided on Monday to go down for the week to Grandma’s for some TLC, after being summarily dissed by Uncle A–h—.  Besides Grandma also has central air conditioning and I haven’t raised a fool.

Meanwhile – work is dog slow, so I’m cranked on jumbo iced coffees all day and fortunately my office is air conditioned, all though it gets kind of warm on the top floor where I am.  As you know heat rises.

Last night to celebrate my freedom from motherhood, my friend A came over for cocktails and munchies.  On steamy hot nights, munchies of hummus and tabouli with pita chips, chunks of watermelon and grapes make a perfect dinner.  Add to that some margaritas made in the slushie machine (aka Mr. Margie) perfect for hot summer nights.


This is the ultimate frozen marguarita maker. I just wish it was battery operated so we could take it camping…. on second thought I think I know how we can power this on our camping trip this August. 

After she left I retired to the coolness of the air conditioned bedroom, with the cats who had been up there since I had turned it on.  I did manage a few rows of straight knitting in the round (socks) but soon dropped off to sleep. 

This morning my brain was a bit fuzzy and it was hard getting out of the cool shower, but I made it to work and I’m feeling much better after the jumbo Dunkin Donuts Iced Coffee with a couple of Excedrin.


2 responses to “Margaritas on a steamy summer night

  1. You are so right! Margaritas are the perfect drink on a hot and humid night. Of course, they are the perfect drink anytime. It’s just that the knitting sometimes suffers.

  2. Sounds like you had fun! I love Margaritas in the summer too!

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