Lazy Summer Days

Friday was a work from home day.  It’s been dead at work, so I actually got caught up on laundry and chores and I even got some knitting in.  I started on my MS3.  I’m using Skacel Merino Lace in black and silver beads.  I really love the way the silver beads stand out but I am not liking the gauge.  Sigh.  I need to go down a needle size I think.  So even though I’m at line 89, I am ripping out today and starting over again.

So instead of showing progress pictures of my knitting, I will share with you pictures from my little garden.  Yes it needs to be weeded, but I just love these climbing roses.  I planted them in front of this big piece of drift wood that we brought home from Hermit Island several years ago and that one of the several brackets I found – don’t you love the pentacle in it?


 And here are the window boxes.  For some reason I’ve always had a hard time going Nasturtiums.


 Later I ran out to do some errands.  I was driving down to Trader Joe’s in Acton and was just about to the intersection of Rte. 119/2A and Rte. 27 when this little fawn ran out into the middle of the road.  I stopped as did the motorcycle coming in the other direction.  As we sat there, the mother poked out her head and came into the road, followed by a second little fawn.  Then off they went in a flash into the brush on the other side of the road.   This is a pretty busy intersection and it was the middle of the day so to say I was surprised to see such wild life in this place at this time of day is an understatement.  But it made me smile.  It also made me realize I need to get a cellphone with a camera!

That evening DD and I went with friends to watch the fireworks at Devens.  The moon was full and bright, the night was cool and dry and the fireworks were spectacular.

Saturday, I got my kitchen cleaned – and floors washed.  With DD off at a friends birthday party. I managed to get some prime spinning time in.  Notice in the background my hydrangeas came back!


 This is some of the black shetland I purchased from the Copper Moose (ebay) – it’s very soft and it’s spinning up beautifully.   I did some more spinning on Sunday at Greeley Park in Nashua with my knitting friends.  I didn’t feel like knitting socks, nor was I going to bring my MS3 with beads and charts and try to knit that and have a conversation, so spinning was the choice of the day.  Although we were threatened with an occasional dark cloud, the sun came out and it was a lovely cool day for sitting in the park with friends.

Weekends go by way too fast, especially in the summer time.  Oh, and if aren’t eating the local strawberries now, you are crazy.  They are devinely sweet and juicy this year.  Get some while they last.


2 responses to “Lazy Summer Days

  1. I am utterly jealous of your gorgeous blue hydrangeas – they are my favorites!! Bummer about MS3, but better to catch it now, I guess 😦

  2. I do so love roses. I haven’t seen any here, but they make up for it with a whole host of flowers we don’t have.

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