Teen-aged girls suck

I have mentioned this before I’m sure.   I was going to post some photos of works in progress today but SOMEBODY took my camera and LOST misplaced the memory card!  I am a happy camper right now.

She’s now lost all internet privileges until the memory card is found or she performs enough chores to pay for a new one.

Only thirteen more days until I get to dump drop her off at camp.  I’m very much looking forward to 7 days and 6 nights of quiet contemplation, knitting, spinning and cocktails with friends.  Not to mention coming home to a sink free of dirty dishes, clean bathrooms with no wet towels on the floor,  a clean kitchen floor and no dirty dishes, glasses and garbage in the living room.

On the spinning front, I’m still working on the pound of black shetland, no end in sight.

Knitting?  I’m working on the Mystery Stole 3.  Actually I’m getting really frustrated, not with the pattern, I love this pattern!  It’s the Skacel Laceweight Merino.  I’m not sure if it’s the actual yarn I hate, or just the fact that it’t black and I hate knitting black.  My eyes just cannot see that well anymore.  So I frogged the whole damn thing.  Just in time to get Clue #2.  I do have some natural I could use, but I also have some of Spunky’s laceweight merino which I love, Love, LOVE but a) I’m not sure if it’s enough – 880 yards would be cutting it close; and b) it’s handpainted – really cool handpainted with bright yellow, oranges, peach, and a bit o’ green – AND the chartreuse beads look AWESOME with it.    So what the hell, I’ll take the chance and pray that there is either some place in the pattern to skip a repeat (or two).  Please say a little blessing that there is enough because I did the first chart with it last night and it looks really good.

I still don’t have a guess on the theme yet, but I’m feeling very gothic, or victorian about it at this point.  It’s very much a trellis of sorts and very pretty.

Oh my I just read Harlot’s blog – the squirrels are apparently knitting sweaters from her fleece now ROFLMAO!  Well at least they are being productive with it.

In case you may be wondering why I’m not ranting and raving about Scooter’s Big Reprieve right now it’s because I’m just too mad and every time I try to write about it I come off like a raving mad woman.  Maybe that’s because I am raving mad about the entire past 6+ years with this lying sack of shit war pigs administration.  Must stop now, blood pressure going up.

So everyone have a nice weekend – I’m going to make strawberry jam.


5 responses to “Teen-aged girls suck

  1. Wow, that really sucks. You’d think by this time she could take care of things.

    They are lying sack of shit war pigs. And more.

  2. I bought some Skacel for the MS3, but I haven’t started because it is plain white and I thought I should dye it. The black sounds interesting, but like you, I don’t have the best vision for intricate detailed stuff like lace knitting. I can’t wait to see pics of your projects. I do hope she finds the card soon. Good luck.

  3. I just signed up for MS3. It was pure peer pressure, plus I love a good mystery.

    Miss B is going to sleep-away camp on Sunday. I suspect it will be very quiet around our house, as well as a good deal neater.

  4. Sorry that the card was lost – it’s that age, and it will pass soon.

    Sounds like you need the break from each other. I hope you have a wonderful week to make up for this not so nice one.

  5. Oh gosh, I hope the card turns up. I’d be dead in the water without my memory card.

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